View Full Version : a few questions plz help?

05-12-2002, 08:12 AM
ok after being in my garage for 8 mths next week my 240sx will be my daily ride. i am selling my accord
first, im having trouble with converting 97 headlights to my 95, the wires dont match up??
second, 17 inch rims with 215 40 17 , it looks terrible. gap is still 2 inch!. im wondering if 45's in the front would help do the job? or 45 all around.(1-1.5 inch drop)
ok next my turbo.
i have a t4 turbo, custom log manifold, bov, intercooler, walbro fuel pump, 440 cc injectors,
do i need a fuel rail or can i get the injectors modified? or should i just sell and go buy 720cc?(b/c i want to run 9psi with no upgrade on ECU RIGHT NOW) also i dont want fmu b/c its waste of money when i increase boost.im trying to boost around 9 psi right now. later around 15-18. for fuel is injectors and fuel pump ok for 9 psi or do i need a fmu or ecu?
also im trying to tap the oil myself, b/c i heard this is the hardest. exactly what do i do? drill a hole and...???
ok thanks for the help, i will post pics and dyno runs next wk.