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02-11-2011, 11:29 AM
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I haven't done much actual building yet, in fact, as I type this, my car is buried under a foot of snow in my driveway. I'm still acquiring parts at this point. I wanted to be done by now but things just didn't work out. I'm hoping to have it on the road by mid april at the latest but we'll see how that goes. As I type this that's only 8 weeks away.

This is primarily a street car. I'm probably going to do some lapping and maybe solo 1/time attack in this car, as well as a drag day once or twice just to see how it performs. I do plan on putting a 6pt cage in it but not till next winter at the earliest, so I might get the boot at the dragstrip.

My performance goals for the car are are pretty high. It's going to kick ass and take names. I expect 1/4 mile performance in the low 10's or high 9's, 0-60 well south of 3.0 seconds (easier than it sounds), and handling figures that will embarrass pretty much anything that isn't open wheeled. All on the same setup, same tires etc. No excuses, this is an all around street car, not a trailer queen.

First page or two of this thread is mainly going to be pictures of parts, then I'll get around to installing them.

I'm not sure when this project will be "complete" but april 2012 is probably accurate. I want to have it on the road within 2 months of this post and then more will be done over this summer, with body and paint next winter.

As for what I'm changing - pretty much everything drivetrain and suspension wise. Not much is going to be stock by the time I'm done. Motor build for now, more comes later.

Here's some before pictures:


And some of the parts I've bought so far:

17x9 BBS LM's, 275/40/17 Falken Azenis Sport's.

A few ricer parts :


Bottom piece is an oil cooler eliminator, gets rid of that giant pile of crap on the driver's side of the block. I plan on going with an external oil filter relocation/cooler.

Tien Flex Coilovers:

Ebay manifolds (surprisingly decent quality, I was blown away by how nice they are):

AEM EMS V2 Plug - n - play

55W HID's - H4 Hi/Low for headlights and H3's for fogs.


More coming soon.