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05-24-2002, 01:15 AM
my friend had an old copy of Drift Tengoku Magazine (Sept. 2001) that I scanned real quick,
it has a section that has a DIY sleepy eye switch/controller. Seems like a kill switch posted
here awhile back by tekryder or something, but check this out, and if anyone can translate
would be nice.

http://www.eframes.com/ef-cgi/d/daltonsr20det_yahoo_com/5922headlight.jpg <--140K

Edit: Might have to copy link and paste in a new browser window

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05-24-2002, 07:01 PM
WOAH!!! I didnt know people still go to my old site....

THats funny cuz that site gets more hit than my new one and I dont even touch that one anymore....

I'll eventually update that install on my other side.

05-24-2002, 11:16 PM
its a cool mod, i wish i could get my lights to turn on while they're in "sleep" mode though.

05-25-2002, 02:09 PM
wanna be able to turn your lights on while sleepy eyed?? here is the easy way... just get a momentary swith or button ,,, pull out your fuse for the headlamp controll in the fuse box in the car by the clutch... then run a wire from one side of the switch to one side of the fuse spot and the other side of the switch to the other side of the fuse spot... then hit the headlamp control on your dash, the lights will pop up... then hit the headlamp control again and the lights wont go down because the fuse is gone and the circuit is not complete... now hit your momentary button or momentary switch... everytime you hit the button it completes the curciut and the lights will go down a bit... just bump them down a few times till they are the desired hight and turn your headlights... easy and effective

07-01-2002, 01:18 PM
eaisest way that i did it
well just did it like 5mins ago, saw something about it in another post.
i just unplugged the headlight motors (very easy) then just took off the cap of the motors and manually adjusted them with a knob.
They dont go up and down, but they stay there with lights on and off.

07-01-2002, 01:20 PM
heres the thing i did it from. i dont know when the post was but i copied and pasted it into a txt document. Thanks to whoever posted it before!

Sleepy lights:
Price: Free
Follow these steps in order:
1. Make sure headlamps are off and in the "closed" position.
2. Get down on your back and look up through the large opening in the lower front bumper.
3. Look directly under the left and right headlamps and find their electronic plugs.
4. Now while you are down there, you can reach through the large opening and unplug the electronic plugs left and right. You must unplug these in order to adjust the headlamp motors manually.
5. Now get off the ground and pop your hood. You should see a headlamp motor next to each of the headlamps. Looks like a single prong.
6. Pull the cap off each headlamp motor. Now you may manually adjust the headlamp angle at any variable by turning the knob. Make sure that both headlamp motors are evenly adjusted.
7. Now turn your headlamps in the "on" position. Notice the motors dont move and the headlamps simply light up. Viola, instant "sleepy look."
**Now in order to get the headlamps in its original position you have to manually adjust the headlamps in the "closed" position via the motor. Then plug the wiring back together.
**It is recommended to have auxilary lighting for driving when doing this at night. (i.e foglamps drivinglamps, etc.)