View Full Version : Wiring Specialties KA24E/DE OBD1 Harness Rebuild Kits

Wiring Specialties
06-12-2013, 09:54 AM
The KA24E and KA24DE harness rebuild kits are now available! Our rebuild kits support the KA24E from the 89-90 S13 240sx and the OBD1 KA24DE from the 91-94 s13 240sx and the 95 S14 240sx. Each kit includes brand new connectors, seals, retainers, and terminals.




We also offer an optional ECU kit which includes the cover, housing, bolt, and 60 terminals (15 small and 45 large).

Visit our “Connectors and Tools” section on our Wiring Specialties website for a full description of all the connectors included in the rebuild kit of your choice. Rebuild kits start at $99. Get yours today!!!