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06-20-2001, 03:35 PM
Sheesh, Looking at the Sentra SE-R, I wanted that (but $20k for a "SENTRA"?), then when the Altima, I got interested, but the thing doesn't look anywhere as nice as the Maxima, (Which I already think is big, and if the Altima is bigger, than WOW, WATCH OUT!). I was actually hoping that with the upgraded Altima, the Maxima would go subside for one year and relinquish its crown for nissan and become a lil cheaper. Yet with all of these new "upgrades" I'm afraid that won't be the case, why o' why... Do any of you know the planned pricing of the Sentra SE-R, Altima, and Maxima next year? Hopefully, they will all not be inflated next year...(crossing fingers)

Anywayz, Propz to Nissan for making a first time buying experience so much harder when you are forced to compare cars "WITHIN THE BRAND" and not even other brands.

06-20-2001, 04:38 PM
No pricing as of now for the 02 Maxima and Altima. Nor is their official pricing for the SE-R, but Nissan has told "us" that the sticker price for the Spec-V model would certainly start with a 1. I'm guessing fully loaded will be just north of $18K.