View Full Version : Orlando Z meet Look

09-04-2000, 07:38 PM
Hey guys you florida z'ers may or maynot know were are getting together for a meet in orlando.

Were shooting for the weekend of October 28th and 29th. For those of you that wanta go to Halloween horror nights at universal studios come Saturday. Its a lot of fun and I have been going for the past few years now. On Sunday we are planning on doing something z related. Were going to try to find a hotel/motel close by that can house us all. If u live in the Orlando area around universal studios and know any hotels/motels and things to do let me know please.

Oh yea for Universal studios Halloween horror nights tickets are about $40 bucks and u have to buy them in advance so u are guaranteed to get in. id do this as soon as u can buy them and go to Taco Bell and get coupon for a cheaper rate

So please feel free to email me if interested so i can fill you in ..
hope to hear from you

Eric Rosell