View Full Version : im so dissapointed in myself i got beat by another spec v!!!

05-19-2002, 07:43 AM
i was on my way home lastnight and all of a sudden another spec v pulls up along side me at a traffic light. it was me my bro and his girlfriend in my car.. and in the nice white specv just the driver.. so i figured id race him anyway.. the light is about to go green and all of a sudden one of those air horns go off right behind me one of the kids friends did it. this is not an excuse but it distracted me and i looked in the mirror, when i looked light turned green. the white spec took off on me. he got a car head start. it was all over from there i stayed exactley a car behind him though but aww i was so mad...

05-19-2002, 10:34 AM
images/icons/mad.gif See that right there would piss me off too. I remember racing my corolla (yeah, go ahead and laugh) against this crx and my radar detector going off right before the light turned green. I mean it was a split second before it turned green, and the damn thing goes off. We were supposed to race down to the next light, but he turned off right as i started pulling on him in 3rd gear. images/icons/mad.gif That made me sooooo mad.