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10-01-2001, 09:09 PM
just got a V6 altima...
215/55/17 tires

for winter i want to put a set of 16 inch wheels

i have 4 1999 Maxima 5 star wheels
are those 16 inch
will they fit on the Altima
is 215/60/16 a good tire choice?

what winter tire is better: michelin arctic alpin or bridgestone blizzak WS-50


10-02-2001, 03:34 PM
I plan to use the Blizzaks this winter for my 91 240sx myself. From all the research I've done (trust me, it was a lot) the cosensus seems to be that the artic alpin is a winter tire. The Blizzak is a snow tire. The Artic Alpin is a well rounded tire but will not compare to the Blizzak in pure snow and ice traction/performance. I live in Wisconsin and need the best I can get because the winters are severe. If your winters aren't severe, go with the Artic Alpin. I can't remember which one is cheaper too but it wouldn't matter. I've heard too many good things about the Blizzaks, all those owners can't be wrong. Nothing against the Alpins by the way, research just seems to indicate that it's better suited to milder winters.


10-06-2001, 08:27 AM
In all honesty, you can't go wrong with either tire, both are highly recommended on the Miata forum. But there are differences:

Yes, the WS-50 will have better snow and ice traction. However, the Artic Alpin does have good snow and ice traction. The Artic Alpin, however, has better dry traction. The WS-50s, IMHO, really suck pretty bad when the roads are dry ... what I would consider "moderate" braking at the very most resulted in my WS-50s howling on my Miata.

Personally, I constantly swap tires on the winter, so my main concern was snow traction only. When it snows, my WS-50s are on the car. When the roads are clear, my 3-seasons go back on the car (yes, the 3-seasons harden in cold weather, but their traction is still much better than the WS-50s).

The question is, how much snow do you see (frequency and depth)? If you see lots of snow storms, especially storms that dump a fair amount of snow, I'd get the WS-50s. If you see occasional snow storms with long periods of cleared roads, get the Artic Aplins.

I would also get a skinnier tire to help "cut" through the snow, like a 205/65 for example.


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10-06-2001, 11:34 PM
here in montreal, canada we can expect the following during winter:

-2 major snowfalls a month from december to march --- roads are snowy for a day or 2
-2 smaller snowfalls a month --- roads are snowy only during snowfall (salt is used abundantly)
-several road-wettening snowfalls
-lots of sleet once a month

so my main need is wet traction with snow/ice a VERY close second

also anyone know anything about Yokohama Guardex tires?
all models...