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12-18-2001, 03:46 PM
I was cruising through the tire rack today, and after checking out the Potenza S-02 and 3's that aren't the size I want (02's aren't, 03's are but too $$), for some reason I was tempted to check out the Firestone tire offerings. Came across the SZ50 EP which I had never heard anything about. After reading 25 or so positive reviews (and not a single negative), I started getting excited about them. Cheaper than the bridgestones and the performance chart rates them higher or about the same in every category. Even wet traction and especially wear. About even for dry grip.

Any 240's out there driving them or hear reviews? Most of the reviews on tire rack were mustang and firebird owners, but a few porsche and MB drivers too.

I was thinking about the Kuhmos, but I keep hearing really mixed results about them. I want to have a good street tire (90% of the time) with great wet traction, but something that will let me race and be competetive for auto-x (10% of the time). Cost is a factor since I will be doing a lot of other mods at the same time (wheels, bushings, sway bars, shocks/springs). I have winter tires, so no need for all seasons.

Here's a little comparison. Not the tire size I want, just a size that gets all these tires (I have an idea of what size I want, but no wheels yet, so I'm still flexible). The S-03's wouldn't be quite so price competetive normally except they are on special in this size.

http://www.tirerack.com/tires/Compare2.jsp?compare=true&partNumber=&make=&model=&price=&width=215%2F&ratio=45&diameter=17&sortCode=&speedRating=&qty=&stockMessage=&type=T&URL=&newC ompare=true&AddToUser=true&speed_rating=WR&speed_rating=YR&speed_rating=ZR&manufacturer=Bridgestone&manufacturer=Firestone&manufacturer=Kumho&manufacturer=Yokohama&startIndex=0&sor tValue=1&qty_145HR7BZLM22_=4&compareList=1&qty_145YR7S03PP_=4&compareList=2&qty_145WR7AVSS_=4&qty_145WR7RE011_=4&qty_145WR7RE040_=4&qty_145ZR7RE040_=4&compareList=6&qty_145ZR7RE730 _=4&compareList=7&qty_145ZR7FHSZ50EP_=4&compareList=8&qty_145WR7ES712_=4&compareList=9&qty_145WR7A520_=4

TIA if your read down this far.

10-04-2002, 01:16 PM
They are great tires made on the same production line as the S-03 pole position. Where the S-03 is optimized for performance the SZ-50 is more of a balance between performance, ride quality and wear

10-05-2002, 07:22 AM
Great tires for the money have used them on my Q45 for 17,000 miles, they hold up and are quiet compared to the other 95% of brands......actually liked the softer OLD non EP better, the redesign is 90% of what the old style were [primarily due to new harder compound].
Doubt you could find a better tire for your 240SX!
This is not a snow or ice tire but the compound stays soft below 40F [down to 20F plasticization point] unlike most summer tires.
Rain performance [turning braking] is excellant above 40F!