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03-16-2002, 08:59 PM
Tried using Infiniti's new web configurator for the G35, and that's quite a pain to use due to the very complex configuration rules. Got fed up after something and decided to map it all out. For my own sake, and figured some of you others might be interested. I'm also interested in what the web site got wrong (like being able to config both the Body Kit w/ Spoiler and the splash guards on the Luxury model).

My biggest question at this point is all the "Aero" mess. Still haven't heard from Infiniti on this one. The 4-pc. kit requires the Aero Pak, so you still get stuck with the wing, so why have anything more than a 4-pc. kit accessory and a rear wing accessory? I did notice the "kit with spoiler" doesn't list the "underbody diffuser". Is this the $50 diff? Has anyone seen this "diffuser"? Is it just the rear under spoiler? images/icons/confused.gif And it's just body cladding. Why exactly should I have to buy Premium to get both the Aero Pak and Xenon? images/icons/rolleyes.gif

Anyway, have fun with the chart. It fills an entire 1024x768 screen almost. No more time to work on it now; time to go party. images/icons/cool.gif



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03-17-2002, 06:57 AM
WOW good work man!

Now how do I use it images/icons/confused.gif


03-18-2002, 12:56 AM
Yeah, it's not exactly straight-forward, but neither are any Nissan ordering rules it seems.

Ok, first decision is Luxury or Leather Luxury.
Next decision is Premium or non-Premium.
Now you've limited yourself down to the Luxury, Leather Luxury, or Leather Luxury Premium columns in the chart.

Now pick the one Option package you want: none (base), winter, sport, or winter-sport (which the dark blue shows sport is required as well).

Now you're down to a few columns which shows you the options available and their relationship rules.

Take for example you pick Leather Luxury with the Sport Package. You're down to columns L, M, and N. You see in all three of those columns that DVD Navi and Xenon are not available (unless you were to pick the Premium package, which we did not) and that Wood is not available at all (a direct conflict with our Sport selection).

So looking the Options lines, column L shows that we can pick the Sunroof, and if we do, we are still free to pick Bose, Aero Package, and the Space Saver trunk mat. We also free to pick the 5-pc. Aero Body Kit OR the splash guards, but not both.

Column M shows that if you pick the Bose radio, you are now required to also get the Sunroof.

Column N shows that if you pick the Aero package, you now have to pick either Sunroof or Bose, but you cannot have both. Seems utterly stupid to me, but that's what the Infiniti build-your-own clearly shows. You also see lower down that picking this eliminates the 5-pc. Aero Body Kit accessory and adds the 4-pc. Aero Body Kit accessory.

So for Leather Luxury Sport, you can get:
no options
Sunroof and Bose
Sunroof and Aero Package
Bose and Aero Package
That's it. You cannot order all three options. Which brings me to my outstanding question of what is special about the Aero Package that it should interfere with ordering of integrated options like the sunroof and radio?

The other one I like is column R. Leather Luxury Winter-Sport requires the Sunroof, unless you order the Aero Package, then it becomes a selectable option. And this makes the factory more efficient? images/icons/rolleyes.gif

Who knows. Anyway, hope that helps. It's not meant to assist those who know what they already want, just those who are confused as I am about what you can and can't get when it comes time to plop down the cash.

BTW C-Digs, that slideshow display was sweet! Much nicer than a single page of pics that would take forever to load. The door locks look like the same ones as the I35? I'm looking at the A4 as well, and I like it the best so far because it's the only one (A4, G35, I35, TL-S) that opens the door if locked by simply pulling the door handle (from the inside of course) images/icons/grin.gif

Anyway, back to vegetation state. images/icons/wink.gif