View Full Version : I wore a flat spot in my tires, what do I do ?

08-21-2002, 01:50 PM
Last night I had to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting some Idiot in a Ford Explorer. My tires locked up and slid a little ways, and I think I've worn a flat spot in them. It kind feels like a bent rim, but I didn't hit anything, so I'm assuming that's what happened. Any suggestions on what I should do ? Take it to get new ones ? Wait and see if it goes away ?

08-21-2002, 02:21 PM
It won't go away. Try and get your wheels/tires rebalanced and see if that fixes the vibrations.


08-21-2002, 02:29 PM
Asad has a good suggestion, but usually rebalancing is not enough. Also make sure you tell the tire shop if the balance doesn't take car of the flat spot you would like them to honor the service on a new pair of tires. A lady came in with 2 tires with flats spots on her BMW one day and told me that a local shop balanced the tires knowing that they had flat spots and the balance probably wasn't going to make a difference and then wanted to charge her again for a balance if she bought new tires. Good shops will balance new tires for you if their balance didn't solve the problem.


08-21-2002, 02:40 PM
if the cords are showing ..get rid of the tire, if it has not been corded for street driving you can "try" to balance the tire..if that can't be done then enjoy the bumby ride..

in racing this happens quite often though usually it wears its self pretty round again in a very short time due to the high tread wear, and corners that really scrub alot of material away..

how did you hurt your rim? thats sounds odd for just locking up the brakes...did you hit the curb?

08-21-2002, 03:57 PM
If its isnt a deep flat spot you can do a burn out and it should help a bit with vibrations. Do it to all the tires. We had it done to my friends car and it was worth the time we had spent. Might not be kosher, but it worked in OUR case.

08-21-2002, 05:19 PM
Asad,i got your post reply in the mail, but it isnt showing up... And yea, we rotated all tires. It wasnt an issue. it worked.

08-22-2002, 12:02 PM
The tires are still relatively new, I bought them back in April, about. They are Dunlop SP 8000's. So, should I try a couple burnouts and then get them balanced ? I can get them balanced for free cuz I bought them at NTB and they honor it for the life of the tire.