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08-26-2002, 10:05 PM
Well I have been thinking of a getting 510 for my first car, but i still need a lot of info.

1-What year was the 510 produced? What year did it end?
2-What are the models for each year?
3-What changes(body,engine,interion,ect.) were changed between each year?
4-What types of engine swaps can be done for 3000USD and under?
5-What year and model would you recommend and why?
6-Am i annoing yet? http://forums.freshalloy.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif
7-There is a '71 510 near me for sale for 2300USD, w/cd player and lowered...miles unknown for now. Is that a good deal?
8-Can i get more power out of a 510 than a '91 240sx for a cheaper price?
9-Any links to sites that contain 510 info and performance parts?
10-Is the 510 easy to work on?
11-What are some disappointments(if any)that you have with your 510?

Thanks in advance. http://forums.freshalloy.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

08-26-2002, 11:35 PM
Hey Check out the Dimequraterly, most of your answers come from there. If you did an sr swap into the 240sx. Just imagine the power in a 1800lb car. I've done the SR swap in mine and will be on the road this weekend. Also look up Datsuns.com. In any case just put Datsun 510 in your web search and you'll find a great deal of info.

Good luck,

08-27-2002, 12:37 AM
Thanks, that helped a lot.

But as a personal taste question,

Wich year do you guys prefer? and why?
What year is the most race-oriented?
Which is most popular?


08-28-2002, 01:14 AM
As far as the 2-door version, the best one that I owned was a 1973. It has the cool fiber optic lit switch. When they were first made, I think that all the suspensions are really close to identical with minor changes. You could take any one of the sedan version and go racing and mod the same a racer would.

I chose the SR20DET because of its reputation as a stout motor. It can withstand 400hp from what I hear with bolt on mods. Besides the engine package is really light and has a very well planned torque range.

I have a 1972 510 only because it was not modified and had no rust. I got it for $1200 three years ago. Just recently, I got an offer for $11,000.00. I couldn't believe the guy thought I would sell it to him. I told him I would help him find one.

Anyway think about what you want out of it and gear toward your planned goal.


08-28-2002, 01:47 PM
McKinney Motorsports does the SR swap for 8,000....does that sound right? If it is, im sticking to my 240.

08-28-2002, 11:08 PM
If you do it yourself and familiar with the 510, you could build the car with the same if not cheaper than the 240sx. I believe there are more mods out there that are cheaper than doin up the 240. So far I spent on the swap and suspension and aftermarket ecu with performance parts at $5500.00. So take your pick and which ever will do good.


08-28-2002, 11:10 PM
BTW I have a web page up and is still working on it. Feel free to check it out.