View Full Version : killed by an R6 ... made me laugh stupid

08-16-2001, 09:36 AM
I want a motorcycle. When I have a motorcycle, I'll be able to die in peace (or pieces. . . either or). The bike I happen to want is a Yamaha R6. Today on the way back from a Taco Bell lunch run, I encountered one, or rather, it encountered me.
I was at a two lane stoplight sitting when I see a bike coming up from behind. As I expected, it pulls to my right (i'm in the straight only lane) and it turns out to be an R6. I start crying to my friend on how that's the bike I want to kill myself with, and the bike starts inching forward. My friend says "Uhh, I think he's gonna race you." I reply "No, he's going to burn me with 0-60 in half the time I take." Light turns green, and I hear "WvRrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRR" as the bike launches forward (there's no way to really describe it). I launch softly, bounce of the rev limiter as I'm watching the bike gain distance, shift into second, then third, and figure, "Hey, if my turbo was in I might have stayed on his rear." He then turns out to be slowing down to turn off the road. After that, I've been laughing stupidly all day about turboing my car just so I can watch the bikes a little bit closer (but not tooo close).

'95 240sx 142.6 HP@ 5.5k @ wheels (i tell everyone 165 hp) soon to be turbo >_<