View Full Version : '89 240SX + Civic Si + 2am + highway =

02-24-2002, 02:19 AM

While merging into a lane to get onto another highway, a blue Civic Si buzzed past me in the lane I was moving into; no big deal. The next leg of the exit was a small, up hill 'dump' onto the other highway; perfect fun in 4th. I got 'close' to him, by his standards, because he began to buzz off again.. I just paced him. Once he was on the other high way, I passed on the left casually and took my exit. Sitting there at the stop light waiting to turn left, he pulls up on the right, also turning left. Light goes, we go. On the inside (outside lane) I pass and get ready for the very next exit; apparently, his exit too. Turn it with a spirited line and speed, and wait at the next light. Again, hes there too. Buzz. He goes right, I go straight... http://www.freshalloy.com/ poo

Absolutely nothing happened. The other driver wasn't old either, around 19-20. So either his exhaust was falling off, or he was running on a spare tire.. Very disappointing