View Full Version : SR Restrictions...?

11-03-2002, 07:13 PM
At what boost levels do things start to MAX at?
I know the Turbo is good until 15Psi.
What about injectors? And MAF?
And Side Mount Intercooler?

11-05-2002, 10:52 AM
Well All this has been discussed before, the MAF for the stock SR is set to be maxed at 15 PSI. The turbo is said to be efficient up to 12psi but you can temporarily get 15 psi out of it before it leaks done to 14 or 13 psi. This is ofcoarse for a t25. The t28 should be efficient at 15psi. The sidemount I have heard can be used for up to 12 psi, this is also dependent on how hard you are driving and how much you have exposed for it to cool off. Because a hard boosted intercooler will be fairly warm and cause engine studering when you get on the gas, since the air going into the engine is warmer and less dense of what it will be with a cool intercooler, therefore the dynamics of the explosion are changed. The fuel injectors are suppose to max out at 14psi, but I would just be safe and not go passed 13.5psi, ofcourse you could cheat and get a FPR but that will only be a band aid for bigger injectors.
Hope this helps