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12-06-2002, 09:12 PM
My wife opened her Bon Apetit magazine today, and came running into my study (where I was browsing the forum) to show me: a large two-page color spread (on pages 3 and 4) showing the Murano. That was the good news.

Bad news: it was our old favorite, the copper one, and the entire ad copy couldn't have been snootier. Uber-yuppie winemaker couple posed in their vineyard with cases of their wine. Now, I'll bet they're actually nice, unpretentious people who happen to be pursuing their dream, but the whole thing made me shudder. All I could think of was: California. Affluent. Trendy. 2K over MSRP... (Of course, with a subscription to a gourmet magazine and my using some hyper-German phrase, I'm probably as yuppie as they are. Even though I'm a high school math teacher.)

More good news: the proportions of the car looked beautiful, not too big, not too small, and the color actually looked tolerable, given the setting. Which means that maybe it'll be a good ad campaign, and it'll end up being a winner for Nissan.

Question: Do we have a better chance of prices coming down if it appears to be popular (and Nissan can make money on volume rather than price) or will the price just keep rising if there seems to be interest? Econ 101 tells me the latter, but I'm hoping that Nissan will see the light, and try to move more metal by lowering the prices. Actually, all they'd have to do is loosen up on some of the options packaging, no?


12-07-2002, 01:50 AM
Be patient, and let the product fill the revenue stream, if there are not enough models available, it shows poor production processes, (it ain't gonna get hung on some art gallery wall ya know) and if manufacturing is ahead of the curve there'll be many to choose from and many variations to buy with.