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12-17-2002, 12:39 AM
We are shooting a commercial for a wheel lock manufacturer this thursday 12-19-02 in downtown Los Angeles.
We will pay you $60. The shoot may take a minimum of 4 hours, maximum of 8 hours. What we are looking for; modified cars(i.e. cars/trucks with rims, body kits, custom paint jobs etc...) What we need from you is a minimum of 4 pictures of your car/truck (pics from various angles, FRONT, SIDE, a combination of front and side, and 1 interior)
This is a great opportunity for people starting out with show cars/trucks, or veterans with show cars to recieve mass exposure for your car/truck!
We will review every email sent to us. We will choose 4 cars/trucks.
If you are chosen you will be contacted no later than wednesday (12-18-02) evening and given further instructions.

Along with pics of your car,also include contact information including;
Best phone number to reach you (daytime/evening)
Please send your pictures and questions to

Thank you
Lee @ NeoWerkes