View Full Version : S13 SR20DET Water temp + Engine temp Sensor

12-19-2002, 06:20 PM
Are these two seperate sensors? or do people just call it by both names? I'm trying to find out what two plugs are on my motor, heres a pic, this is looking at it from the front of the motor (as if standing in front of car), but then under the intake manifold.
I think the red arrow is pointing to the black plug that is the coolant temp sensor, just one wire (blue/black), and the green arrow is pointing to the engine temp sensor, a red plug with two wires, (blue/orange, and black)

From stuff i've found on the internet the engine temp is being called the coolant temp, and it is blue/brown and goes to pin 18 on the ecu, but then the engine temp sensor isn't on any of the schematics. My guess is this is the engine temp sensor and the other is the coolant sensor and doesn't go to the ecu but up to the dash and is why it's not on the ecu pin outs or schematics.

Is this right or am I complettly lost?

12-19-2002, 09:56 PM
The single wire is for the temp gauge in the cluster, and the one with 2 wire is for the computer to use the water temp for its work..