View Full Version : Greddy A/F gauge - tech questions

01-17-2003, 04:13 AM
Has anybody had any luck using the greddy o2 as your stock o2? My a/f sits at 16.0 when cruising, but if I give it like 15% throttle, enough to get up to say 8 to 0 inches of vacuum, it will jump right to 14.7. I'm thinking the position is too far from the turbo and maybe I should put it in stock position to read correctly.

I know the greddy o2 might put out a diff voltage than the stocker, so maybe just swapping the positions would help.
Right now I have the greddy o2 about a foot later than the stocker. Its halfway between the main bend in the downpipe and the o2 pipe flange.

I have the setting at 13.0, 9.0 is turbo with o2 at stock position, 11.0 is if you have a turbo and the o2 is after the stock o2, but it says to choose 13.0 or 15.0 if its below 60 deg F.