View Full Version : Can you change the comp wheel on the T25 ?

01-17-2003, 10:58 AM
Just curious as to whether or not more boost can be had from the stock S13 T25 by changing up the comp wheel. I know most peoples' opinion around here is to just go to Ebay or what not and go for a T3 and what have you. But if someone is just seeking a few more psi, this would be a nice cheap turbo upgrade. Considering that going over 14 psi already involuntarily commits you to forking out the cash for bigger injectors, some kind of fuel management and usually a bigger mafs. So what are peoples' thoughts and opinions on this ?

01-17-2003, 12:17 PM
sure, you can put pretty much any wheel you want in there. assuming it'll fit...a T3 super 60 wheel would work nicely in there. obviously you'll need to machine the compressor housing inlet to fit the larger inducer. but if i'm not mistaken the stock wheel's exducer is 2.367, which is the same as the super 60, so you shouldn't have to do any machining on the back plate. you'll also need to have the turbo balanced once it's back together.
i wouldn't expect great things from this combo since you're still using the stock turbine side, but it'll easily be better than what you have. in other words, if you can do the machining yourself then i'd say go for it. the wheel is ~100 bucks, balancing is ~40 bucks.