View Full Version : Electrical short!! What does this wire ground??

01-29-2003, 04:05 AM
There are three Black ground wires coming out of the dash area into the White harness and I connected all three to the one that goes into the sr harness. The ground wire on the sr harness that has those 3 dash ground wires fried up and got so hot that it melted acouple of other wires to it. I think that it is from the middle ground wire of the 3 coming from the dash.
Now my car wont start and the ingnition relay Buzzzes loud when I turn the ingnition ON. If I dont unplugg the batt. it will be dead in the morning too. And even after I take the key out of the ingnition. the relay just keeps buzzing and the dash lights stay on.
I was wondering if this could be from a bad ingnition stitch ??
Does anyone know what the middle black wire grounds??
I dont have a FSM
I have no clue.