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03-14-2003, 03:22 AM
I am making this FAQ compilation b/c of all the dumb-dumb questions that people keep asking about cars, that are very repetitive. Also, people in general ask very basic questions that can be answered by a simple search on search engines or in different forums...

Please note that this is a list of FAQ regarding MODIFICATIONS. If you are looking for specs on engine and/or OE components please use the search function and/or visit websites that have specifications on S13/14 chassis for detailed information.

This thread will be locked indefinitely, and made a sticky. If someone has information to add to this thread, email me at alex@worldwidechang.com or PM me, and I will add to this thread daily. Please realize that this will be a project for many months, and the list is always being updated.

Engine (KA)

-S13 DOHC cams fit into S14 DOHC engine and are a mild upgrade for S14 owners looking to add more top-end power. For maximum power you can use two S13 DOHC exhaust cams and repin one of them for the intake side, as these cams have the most lift and duration.

Engine (SR)

-S13 SR OE replacement part number reference list:
<ul type="square[/img] Part Part # U.S.-spec source car
Oil filter 15208-53J00 91-94 Sentra SE-R
Fuel Filter 16400-00002 1990-1996 300ZX TT
Upper injector o-ring 16618-53J00 7/95 and newer 300ZX TT (small/upper)
Lower injector o-ring 16618-10V05 7/95 and newer 300ZX TT (big/lower) [/list]

SR20DET OE turbo variations:
<ul type="square[/img]
S13 SR20DET: T-25, 60 trim 56mm BCI-1 compressor, 53.8mm 62 trim T-25 turbine, .64 A/R turbine housing. Journal bearings.
S14 SR20DET: T-28, 60 trim 60 mm BCI-1 compressor in T-04B housing, 62 trim 53.8mm T-25 turbine. .64 A/R turbine housing. Ball bearing center section.
S15 SR20DET: Same as S14, but with Inco turbine wheel (instead of GMR), cast divider wall between turbine discharge and wastegate.
Pulsar GTi-R: T-28, 60 trim 60 mm BCI-1 compressor in standard T-3 housing. 79 trim 53.8mm Inco T-250 turbine wheel .86 A/R turbine housing. Journal bearings.
BB SR20DET: T-25. Basically, the same as the S13 Silvia. [/list]

Engine (Other)

-Any KA engine mount would work on a SR engine if you switch the left side mount with the right side mount. Vice versa for any SR engine mount on a KA engine.

Non-engine power upgrades

-Exhaust systems are chassis-specific irregardless of engine type. This means S14 exhausts fit both KA and SR engines, for example. The only exception to this rule is that S13 CA18DE(T) exhaust systems do not fit onto SR/KA S13 chassis.


-S13/14 adjustable pillowball upper mounts are interchangeable.
-S13/14 coilovers are not interchangeable.
-S14 and S15 coilovers are physically the same, but usually employ different valving characteristics. Basically, they're swappable.
-S13/14 rear upper arms are interchangeable as long as they are adjustable.
-Fitment issues have been reported for S15 rear arms; cannot be independently verified but the general consensus is that S14 and S15 rear arms are the same.


-For variations of the Z32 300ZX 4 piston caliper, please see this site (written by Asad Aboobaker):
-The Z32 brakes WILL fit under some 15" wheels. The MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in determining whether Z32 brakes will fit is the spoke design, not the offset. All Z32 brakes will fit underneath S14 5-lug 16" alloy wheels.
-180SX calipers/rotors are larger than their U.S. equipvilant. US Equivalent Pads from 93-95 Maxima, US equivalent rotors from 95-97 Altima rotors, US equivalent calipers from 93-95 Maxima. Some of the components may be equivilant to same-year Altima/Maxima vehicles.
-All S14 front pads/rotors are same size regardless of trim level. All S13/14 rear pads and rotors are the same dimensionally, except for the difference between 4 and 5 lug bolt patterns.


-For Kaaz/Nismo LSD, VLSD output shafts are required. You need two of the following: LSD output shaft 38220-52F01. Newer Kaaz differentials are made for the non-VLSD differential flanges and do not need new output shafts.
-Short shifters are interchangeable b/w S13/14 KA transmission and S13/14 SR transmission.


-Clearance of wheels for Z32 brake upgrade is entirely dependent on wheel spoke AND wheel design, NOT on offset of wheel.
-Wheel width/offset needed for clearance of coilovers is as follows (disregarding brake clearance):
<ul type="square[/img]
6" +54 or lower
6.5" +45 or lower
7" +40 or lower
7.5" +34 or lower
8" +30 or lower
8.5" +24 or lower
9" +20 or lower
Please note that this does not take into account variations in offset calculation by manufacturer, or tire sidewall bulge. This list also does not take into account differences in design of coilovers (esp. lower brackets on coilover kits which can cause changes in wheel clearance issues). This list also only applies to the FRONT WHEELS and is intended as a GUIDE for reference. Please note that this list does not apply for all coilovers and the offset needed to clear suspension will vary between wheels and also between different suspension types.[/list]
-The LARGEST wheels that will fit the front of a S13/14 with stock fenders is 9" wide. The rear can take up to 10.5" wide with a very specific offset AND must dial in negative camber. To fit large wheels one must use negative camber to ensure proper fender clearance.


-S13 uses 30mm front hub bolt, S14 uses 32mm front hub bolt. Both chassis uses 36mm rear hub bolt.
-Conversion to 5 lug on S13 chassis requires S14SE/Z32nonturbo rear hubs, and either 1) JDM aftermarket front S13 5 lug hubs, or 2) S14 SE front hubs + S14 spindle + S14 ball joint w/LCA (and redrilling of strut for larger strut bolt).
-Conversion to 5 lug on S14 requires S14 SE front hubs and S14SE/Z32nonturbo rear hubs.


-S13/14/15 front seats are interchangeable without any modification.
-R32/33/34 front Skyline seats fit S13/14 with a minor modification to one of the holes for the mounting bolts.
-S14 seatbelts can be used to replace S13 sliders but require some modification to interior trim and the installer to be slightly creative.

Chassis Info

-S13/14 front strut tower bars are only interchangeable if the length of the strut bar can be adjusted. Rear strut tower bars are not interchangeable.



Chassis Code

<ul type="square[/img] USDM Chassis codes:
K = Super-HICAS
R = fastback body type; no designation for coupe body type
H = KA24E engine
M = KA24DE engine
S13 = chassis code
For example, a KRMS13 is a S13 with a KA24DE engine, with the fastback body style and the Super-HICAS option.

<ul type="square[/img] JDM Chassis codes:
E = unknown
R = fastback body type; no designation for coupe body type
P = SR20DE(T) engine; no designation for CA18DE(T) engine
S13 = chassis code
For example, a RS13 is a fastback body S13 chassis with the CA18 engine; KRPS13 is a Super-HICAS equipped fastback body S13 with the SR20 engine. [/list]


Chassis codes to be determined.


- For 1989-1998 240SX trim levels and option(s), visit the FAQ page at http://www.socal240sx.org . A comprehensive listing of dealer brochures have been put up.