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04-03-2003, 04:48 PM
I recently found a massive hole in my ic near the bracket we welded onto it to hold it to the car, it must have stretch and ripped a hole in it, i patched that and tig welded it closed and ran water thru the ic to see if it was leaking anywhere else and nothin i could see.

I also tryed spraying starter fluid all over different lines and potential leak areas, even the seams on the intake manifold and throttle body. btw its a s13 wiht a redtop and custom ic piping with silicon couplings from baker precision parts. It doesnt seem like there are any other leaks but obviosly there must be.

I am runing the hks wastegate actuator replacement on a t25 s13 turbo with upgraded compressor wheel. WIththe avcr completley detatched from the wastegate the can reads .75 bar, then by around 6k the boost starts dropping to .70 bar and by redline it is .68 bar! it does this in pretty much every gear although the lower the gear the more aggressive and somtimes higer the spike and but it always falls off to around .67 .68 bar. I

then tryed reatching the avcr solenoid and had it turned in the off mode for the bc. Now this is the crazy part, i floor it and it spikes to around 1.2 bar adn then drops very rapidly to .75 or so and holds around there to redline. With the bc in the on position in setting a set at 1 bar, it spikes to 1.2 or1.3 bar and drops to hold at .92 or .98 bar to redline.

The thing that i dont get it that it shouldnt be spiking wiht the bc turned off or with the avcr detached, it mean its a hks actuator for christs sake. Any ideas on possible leaks. Ive even double checked and redone the vacum lines to the brake booster vacum. I did a compresson check on 3 and 4 cyl and they were find i also put on a new valve cover gasket cus my origional one was leaking. I will check 1 and 2 cyl tonight.

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04-03-2003, 09:33 PM
you have the adjustable hks actuator? have you tried playing with the rod length?

04-04-2003, 03:55 PM
yes i have but it still spikes, its not supposed to spike with no bc attatched at all.