View Full Version : whats a good rear z32 shock to use

04-11-2003, 04:23 AM
so yeah i got the uprgiths

whats the suggesttions on a good rear shok top use??

o.e. z32 rear na shock??

monroes for a z32 prolly firm good for an s13??

kyb gr-2 ??


04-11-2003, 11:19 AM
so nobody knows anything at all

figured as much.

car will be mainly - drag -
street driven a few times a week
drifted and slid around once in a while and driven decent distances.
will also see up to 170 mph
i'm thining stock z32 shock

04-11-2003, 11:31 AM
wouldnt posting this in the z32 forum be more fitting to your questions? probably most aftermarket are good

sorry misunderstood.. what exactly you were doing

04-11-2003, 11:44 AM
I am planning to do the same thing sooner or later. I have the 300ZX aluminum uprights just sitting in my garage for almost a year now. there have been to reason which have stop me from doing the swap.
1) the shock decision.
2) benefits vs. effort vs. cost

I currently have KYB AGX Adjustable/Pro-kit all around on the car (S13) and I am seriously considering getting the 300ZX KYB AGX for the back to do the upright swap. the reviews for KYB AGX from the 300ZX & 240SX crowds is good in general if you don't mind a "smush" sound from the rear shocks. price ~$85 which is about $25 more expensive than the KYB GR-2 per side is not to bad and the added benefit them being adjustable which might help to balance out the difference of the 240SX(lighter car) rear shock and the 300ZX(heavier car) ones.

I definitely interested in what other people have to say especially as when the 300ZX upright swap is not that popular not to many people have done it. and the few right ups and discussions I have seen and read all were using coil over.

So please speak up ;-)