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MaxType 240
09-20-2001, 05:12 AM
I'm looking at a set of Pioneer 6 1/2 and their rated 2-50 watts RMS. I know there's a set of amps for the rear, both 40 watts correct? Will 50 do it, or should I seek a higher rated speaker?

09-20-2001, 05:30 AM
Disclaimer: I'm no stereo expert so this may be wrong.

2-50 watt RMS is just the recommended power range. The speakers actually have a much higher peak power that they can handle. I think the RMS is just for sound quality and longevity. So running a 2-50 watt RMS speaker off of a 40 watt amp is within the recommended range and well below the max. I think you'd be fine.

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09-20-2001, 08:59 AM
it will be fine

MaxType 240
09-20-2001, 09:06 AM
OK, thanks guys - time to bid at ebay! I love that site...

09-20-2001, 12:40 PM
No, the stock amps blow. Even if they are rated at 40w, that doesnt mean anything. If you take a good quality amp with the same power level you can tell a big difference. They may say clarion on the amps but I seriously doubt that they are the same quality that they sell to the public. I had a 50w kenwood amp with like 22w RMS & thought it sounded ok, then I got a 40w RMS 4channel Kenwood amp & I could tell a HUGE difference. You can play louder & its cleaner. Distortion blows speakers, not power(usually).

09-20-2001, 11:36 PM
I've got a Pioneer 5 1/4" in each corner. 100W max power each. Sounds good even without subs/amp, but if you put too much bass in the back speakers you get a little bit of rattle. Took me a while to find where it was coming from.