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10-06-2001, 12:37 PM
Hey all. I have a question related to AN hose connectors. I'm going to be replacing some of my hoses and installing new ones for a turbo setup. My question is, do the AN adapter ends directly translate into a certain 'normal' size. Like, does a -3 translate into a 3/16" hole with a certain thread pitch, etc.? I was going to buy my ends but wanted to know which ones to buy before just purchasing a bunch all willie-nillie. They are kind of expensive and I was wondering if there's a sure way of finding out which size I'd need before I buy it...and if I have to tap holes, which AN connector will fit which metric or SAE size...or whatever. Thanks for the help!

10-06-2001, 02:11 PM
hey, i went through that experience a little while ago and would recommend visiting your local "good ol' boy" speed shop. get past all the dinosaur museum of massive chevy and ford parts. Usually they have a AN book and the fittings (mostly) in stock. usually you will want to use a female fitting to screw into your parts (block,head,valve cover,accessory) and use male fittings for the hose ends. its pretty simple and i had to see it in person and touch them to get a feel for what i was after. I would recommend that if you are doing more than one fitting (or plan to do more later) to purchase the wrenches (AN anodized aluminum wrenches) they work great to tighten up your parts and do not gall or damage the anodize. Also, if you have a shop vise, buy the aluminum bar inserts so that you can clamp down on the male fittings whilst you jam on the rubber hose over the barbs. (makes it ALOT easier)


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10-06-2001, 04:44 PM
for the turbo feed line you will need a -3 line and fittings. this is how it will go;

here are the parts;
-male/male adaptor 1/8 bspt/bspt
-3 way tee block 1/8 bspt
- female adaptor 1/8 bspt male/npt female

here are the -AN parts...
- -3/1/8 npt adaptor ;2 of them
- -3 hose ends ; 2 of them
- -3 hose.

turbo oil return is usually -10
but you don't need to run all the -AN fittings. unless you want to and have extra money.. if so; you will need an adaptor plate that goes on the bottom of the t3/t4 this will make it a 1/2 npt(i think). get a 1/2/-10 adaptor and all other related parts listed above for -10...

put the stock press sensor on the side of the "tee". put the male/male on one side(this goes to the block) and the other female adaptor listed above will go on the other end. put the -3/ 1/8 adaptor to that female one. run the -3 hose to the turbo

if you don't want to use the -10 return; shops sell a plate that goes on the bottom and has a tube that comes off it. about 2 3/4 wide.

usually the -3/ 1/8 will fit right no the turbo. but on my turbo i needed a bigger adaptor to fit the -3/ 1/8 on there.

you can get the first part list from mcmaster.com . here are the numbers:

the rest you can get from summit racing..