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10-09-2001, 01:55 PM
Does anyone here have an OBX exhaust installed? Which kind? Are you happy with it? Is OBX a good brand? I am looking for something not much noisier than stock, but with a lower pitch sound. I have an 89 S13 and I can get a universal tuneable OBX exhaust installed with piping for around $270 so I was wondering if it is worth it. thanks

10-09-2001, 02:41 PM
For $270 an OBX exhaust even with piping is a bit much.

You should save up some more and invest in a Japanese exhaust i.e. Trust, Apexi, Tanabe...etc.

I think most people on this forum would agree with me. Apexi is also probably the best way to go.

BUT! that's just my opinion.

10-09-2001, 02:44 PM
Just make sure that it is a perf. tube center, not louvered. Magnaflow makes similar looking mufflers (stainless) that have a perf. tube center, www.magnaflow.com (http://www.magnaflow.com) . I believe Dynomax( www.dynomax.com (http://www.dynomax.com) ) makes mufflers like that as well, just not in the shiny polished stainless look.

10-09-2001, 10:27 PM
i have a turbo magnaflow muffler nice and quite.. looks ok. it wasn't my choice. it was replace by a shop when i swapped my engine. i really wanted the 5 zigen fireball. maybe in a couple of months.

10-10-2001, 10:44 AM
is that USD or Candian?
it cost like less than $200 for a N1 universal and on ebay they sell oBX for under $100