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03-08-2004, 12:04 AM
For those who have done the RB swap for their s13, I need some info. I've done a search and couldn't find anything. I know its not going to be a simple pull out ka then put in rb so I'm prepared for the worst. I REALLY want to go RB but since theres not much documentation on it it's making me look to the SR. Hopefully the questions I ask can make this a BEST OF thread. On to the Q's.

1)Wiring. Is the wiring a pain? What problems if any did you run in to? Wiring schematics?
2)Engine bay/body mods. Is there customization that I need to get the RB to fit? I know mounts are going to be the big thing. Crossmember issue? Clearance issues? How did you get passed the clearance issues of the hood or anything else?
3)Tranny/drivetrain. How well does the tranny line up? Does it sit in the right spot(in respect with the shifter in the car)? Does the stock(RB or KA) driveshaft work or do I need to hack some of it off?
4)Custom mounts: list all custom mounts needed(trans,motor,etc.)
5)Anything else I forgot(or don't know about) to ask?

I was thinking about alleviating some of the hassle by turning to McKinney. They do wiring for 350 and theres a mounting kit for 600. They also have a "custom driveshaft". I don't know whether or not this is needed hence the Q about driveshafts. This is basically a last resort though if I cannot do it myself, which is best since I can save some money on mods.

This is purely a questions/info thread. If you want to tell me to search further PM me instead because no one wants to read that. Thanks in advance.

03-08-2004, 06:51 AM
I would suggest going here for RB discussions. Not a whole lot happenin' on FA...