View Full Version : oil in spark plug well

03-21-2004, 08:08 PM
changed spark plugs today and noticed some oil around the spark plug well. I am assuming this is somehow getting in from the valve cover through the coilpack gaskets. Is there any other way for oil to be getting down there? I am ordering a new gasket set to fix the valve cover situation and such. all the plugs look normal so i'm not too worried.

03-21-2004, 08:15 PM
Yup, the only way for oil to get in there is that gasket really. Good luck man!

03-21-2004, 08:22 PM
Be sure not to put silicon RTV on the O-rings there. They leak quite often if you do.

I've never bought a new gasket set for the valve cover... however I have seen one that needed replacing and we swapped it with another used one. Those rubber gaskets are very durable if treated right. Just be sure to only silicon the half circle humps when you put them on, and they won't leak.

03-21-2004, 11:25 PM
Think i found the problem. after inspecting the valve cover i found some odd things that look like chips or cracks. so essentially there was a small space in between them. So now i am in need of a new valve cover, pout pout pout. Funny part was the splitfire plugs I had in there were so pretty considering the abuse they've taken in the 4 months this car has been running. Good ol NGK's now, make's a bit of a difference which is shocking.