View Full Version : S14 SR 5 hole turbo gasket

04-25-2004, 10:03 AM
I'll get right to the point. The 5 hole metal turbo gasket, 26E00(I forget the first five digits) was slightly off center on one of the holes when I installed it onto the t-28 exhaust housing. I dremeled part of the hole out, destroying most of the "rivet" that surrounds the hole in the gasket. It is now installed and fully tightened down, however I am second guessing myself on weather this will blow out quickly. I'm debating on leaving the gasket and see if it holds, or remove it completely and use high temp gasket maker on the mating surfaces of the housing and extension. Also, with this gasket in place, it did not give me enough clearance to use the lockwashers along with the nuts provided by Greddy. Should I

A: leave the gasket in place and see if it holds
B: remove the extension and gasket, reinstall with no metal gasket using high temp gasket maker. I will be able to fit the lockwashers as well.