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11-12-2001, 06:37 PM
Who all was at the MIR event? I saw Greasers car and another S13 hatchback. Greaser nice run how far did you make it in the eliminations? I left after the first round. I made the first preliminary run with my car. Not quite what I had hoped for but it's a start. I ran 15.008. I had a 2.7 60' and 93.7 MPH trap speed. I need to work on my launch some. My cars an auto so I need to work on the launch. If I do it just right I can power brake it and build some boost on the line and it works well. This was my first time out with the car so I just launched at idle speed. With a high stall converotr and some further tuning I should be able to do low to mid 14's. I have a stock 300ZX T3 non-intercooled running 6-7 PSI with a FMU.
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