View Full Version : SR misfiring, dying, idling like crap! HELP!

06-01-2004, 05:49 PM
I checked the wiring on the car and everything is good. There's 12 volts going to the MAF, but I don't know if that confirms that the MAF is good. I have to keep revving the car up when starting it cold to keep it from dying and I would hear a pop here and there. After the engine is warm, it idles very rough, and sometimes die on its own. I just changed out the plugs - gapped .030. and tried to pull a code off the ECU, but the light doesn't seem to work. Anybody know how to solve this problem? I am completely stumped! Anyway, is there a accurate way to check if the MAF or ECU is working correctly? I am suspecting that one or the other is the problem. All help is appreciated..... thanks

06-01-2004, 06:53 PM
my hunch would be the injector/s or spark

once you get it idling. unplug one injector at a time and see if there are any one or twon in particular that does not mess up your idle. if so check those to make sure you are making spark to that coil.

06-01-2004, 07:57 PM
have you checked your timing? do you make sure it was at top dead center?

06-01-2004, 07:58 PM
sounds like a vacuum leak or something of that nature, plugs, wires....IACV?

06-01-2004, 11:04 PM
Try flipping the timing guns inductive lead when you check your timing.

06-02-2004, 12:42 AM
and tried to pull a code off the ECU, but the light doesn't seem to work. Anybody know how to solve this problem? I am completely stumped!

my s14 ecu has no bulb, so i have no first hand experience in what i am about to suggest.

can you remove the ecu, stip open the box to access the diagnosis bulb and run a continuity test on the bulb?
unsure on how the bulb is attached to the board, but i imagine it is soldered on.
with the ecu detached from engine harness, no ground wires, no power, not in diagnosis mode, i doubt the circuits on board side of the bulb would have any effects on the simple continuity test.

06-02-2004, 03:59 PM
Ok. I checked each coilpack and there is spark. I then unplugged each injector to see if the idle changes, so all of them are good. Lastly I made sure my timing was right on the CAS. I didn't think I needed to do this because I checked it last month and it was perfect. But, since I checked everything else, I might as well. I checked it and it was off! I don't know how in the hell, but it did. I fixed it, but now the car will not start!!!! It cranks but there is no spark! One problem after another. I made sure the plug snapped into the CAS, so I know its getting contact. While on the ON position, when I take out and plug in the plug for the CAS, I hear a noise which seems to be the fuel system -- I don't know if that validates that the CAS is in good working order. Anyway, I am again stuck on this one and trying to backtrack so I can solve this.

06-02-2004, 05:43 PM
Got the car to start again ---- this [censored] is weird! I just kept playing w/ the CAS and after taking the valve cover off and putting it back on for the 20th time, it starts. But the car is still misfiring like crazy..... don't know whats causing this!!!