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08-16-2004, 01:08 PM
ok i was looking through a UK Japanese Magazine by a friend this weekend and saw a CA18DET with a Greddy Intake manifold... i was wondering if anyone ever saw this conversion, i seached and found someone looking at the manifold on a KA24 engine... but no CA info...

i will try and borrow the mag and scan the pic this week..

but looked as if they cut the GReddy style manifold runners off and put a flange on booth the GReddy intake plenum and the runners for the CA18 and bolted them up at the plenum, i guess that way you could also put velocity stacks on the CA runners so they'll be inside the GReddy plenum..

would this be a good modification? i am running a haltech E6k so i knwo using/configuring the SR sensors wouldn't be too much trouble, and using the CA18 intake runners you would retain the stock coolant temp sensor and my haltech water temp sensor.. i could even keep the CA18 seconday throttles...

i know by changing the runner length, it would change the torque and hp curves.. and also the CA18 runners bend upwards, but they are a two peice design, so one could retain the lower part where it bolts to the head with the seconday throttles, water temp sensors and injectors etc, and just remove the top part of the runners where they bend and go to the OE CA18 plenum...

seeing that the topspeed intake manifolds are pretty cheap i think i may try this if i get some money, but was just wondering on what others who are more tech and experienced with this may eb able to amke suggestions, predictions on performance increase/decrese or even pose questions/probelms that i may have over looked

i heard that the CA18 intake manifold is a suggested upgrade by many tuners. and most custom make them or buy them for BIG bucks.. jsut looking at options, i can get aluminum welding done at next to nothing, so doing the work wouldn't be too hard and the GReddy(TopSpeed) design is a proven power adder..



08-16-2004, 01:56 PM
What you should dream of is this manifold:

Click S13 and scroll down like halfway

Now find a shop to build it for you, I'm sure it will be less than the ~$2300 they charge for them.

Otherwise, yeah... building your own out of a Greddy mani will work. It will, however, require some good fabrication on your part (or some shop)

With the intake manifold design of the CA, would the S14 Greddy mani be more appropriate for your application?

08-16-2004, 02:12 PM
i have seen the paddy garage stuff and their CA18 powered S13, but i thought it was way too expensive and i could get someone to make one for me similar to that one..

i was thinking of buying an intake plenum from BYP (http://www.back-yard-productions.com/intakemanifold.htm) but hell i could get one of those made easily too..

i was jsut thinking fo what prefabbed manifolds that may offer better tested designs, rather than going and making something that may not flow as well as the GREddy style or OE

other than that i have never seen the S14 Greddy intake Manifold in person, how is it different to the S13 one? and can anyone send/link me to some good photos of the S14 Greddy Intake manifold, all that are online are small black and white photos... cant really see whats going on there.

08-16-2004, 02:53 PM
Wasabi Garage (http://www.wasabigarage.com/) sells a surge tank kit for 4 cylinder motors... take a look at their 2j and 1j intake manifolds and you will get an idea of their product... you might want to chop the runners off your stock intake manifold and fire up the welder... their website sucks right now but you might want to email them...

quick question: I always thought that these types of intake manifolds are bad because they do not promote air turbulence so the air and fuel do not mix as well... This is the reason that no factory car comes with a completely smooth inside of the manifold and even specialty cars (like the type R family) are ported but still have the sand-like texture... please advise...

08-17-2004, 12:08 AM
Thanks for the link, they have KA manifolds too! Why do all these KA-t manifolds come out after I got mine http://forums.freshalloy.com/images/graemlins/frown.gif Anyways, why in both pictures does the runners leading from the surge tank to the engine extend into the tank instead of a smooth transition towards the engine?

08-17-2004, 09:02 AM
the Wasabi Garage polenum looks great,a nd what they did there with the intake runners and velocity stacks is EXACTLY what i was thiking fo doing..

thanks, i emailed them, and if all el;se fials i will amke something and do very similar to that example given..