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  1. 2005 FX35 For Sale. 141k miles, fully loaded, excellent condition

    141k miles
    Diamond Graphite/Graphite Leather. RWD
    Fully loaded. Sport package, tech package, touring, etc etc. That means NAV, smart cruise, DVD player, backup cam, etc. Roof rails, cross bars, ...
  2. I need some input on what the car is worth........

    03 FX35, owned since new.

    Diamond Graphite/Graphite.
    RWD, Sport.
    58k miles.

    The bad:

    1. It got smacked around pretty bad last year on the freeway. No frame issues, but I got new doors...
  3. At the END OF MY TETHER with my FX......accident.

    Over two months ago, our car got hit hard three times by other cars while on the fwy. I posted a thread about it then.

    It took 8 weeks for the car to get done at the body shop while adjusters and...
  4. Re: Got involved in a six car gone..

    Update: Body shop bill is a conservatively 16k, more like 20k, according to the estimator. 6k on top of that for a new tranny, and God knows what else (it was leaking fluids), plus rental car for at...
  5. Re: Got involved in a six car gone..

    Car has no lien on it, and was extremely well maintained. I am going to fight them if I have to. The guy who hit me was driving an avis rental car. I have taken it up with them. I will keep you...
  6. Got involved in a six car gone......

    Got "pitted" by some dude in a rental mustang, spun me into traffic, got hit three times, (six car pileup) before I was able to straighten it out, car did not roll over despite being slammed into...
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    Re: Has anyone strapped an FX35 on the dyno?

    Beholder, I actually dont miss it all that much. It had a supercharger, and a bunch of other crap on it. It put down over 400hp, but was a fwd torque steering disaster in the lower gears........way...
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    Has anyone strapped an FX35 on the dyno?

    Im thinking about doing a baseline to see what kind of power its making.

    Its rwd, with the 20 inch wheels, which might rob me of a few hp. Otherwise stock, with 38k miles, all maintenance done,...
  9. Re: Amazing, my FX has all of these TSB issues....

    My own RWD 35 (2003) is exhibiting the same pop/clunk, along with squealing brakes. I just talked to Matt Bishop at Infiniti of Thousand Oaks, and will be taking the car to them on Saturday. He's...
  10. Re: Good God, got taken to the cleaners, 30k service!

    Well, I called a couple of dealerships in the Bay Area, Norcal, and they quoted me much more for the same work. SO I guess I will bite the bullet in the interests of having a complete service history...
  11. Good God, got taken to the cleaners, 30k service!

    I feel like I just got hit by a train.

    30k mile serice, 500 (before a 50 dollar discount)

    Rotate and balance tires
    Scope and adjust (wtf is this?)
    Inspect suspension for leaks. ...
  12. Re: Put 1k miles on the FX over the weekend....

    Ditto on the I5 part. Average speeds are very high, for the most part.
  13. Road trips, kill stories, Vws, Lamborghinis, Oh my

    Had a good weekend.

    Lets see.

    1. The FX is a GREAT cruiser. Gobbles the miles like no other.

    2. I caravanned down to LA with a...
  14. Re: FX35 picked best SUV on SpikeTV\'s top 52 fave cars

    Funny you should say that. I have EXACTLY the same problem between my FX35 and my Z06.

    Good problem to have.
  15. Re: SSR Engineering Twin Turbo Sys completed! *Video*

    Wow, Keith, didnt know you were into Infiniti as well!

    Those who dont know, Keith has set and broken a couple of records (at least), in addition to owning one of the better looking supras on the...
  16. Re: 300hp G35 Coupe - will the FX35 get it too?

    Heres what I think they should do. The 35 is already reasonably powerful......the 45 slightly more so, but its to the point where they are almost being cross shopped.

    I say bump the FX35 to 300...
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    Re: FX35 gets the \"bling\" this weekend.

    Update to this thread.

    Everything is done, I will post pics in a few days. But everything has worked out brilliantly. Camera/PS2/Dvd player are all working flawlessly.

    And medic...........
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    Re: FX35 gets the \"bling\" this weekend.

    Lol. Jackass.

    I actually have more than one TV at home. And I hardly even watch TV! THeres irony for you. Im excited for the playstation, though. Long trips will give me the time I need to nail...
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    Re: The 350Z wins the SCC USCC

    Momo831, I agree with you completely. His car was the best of the bunch that day. No doubt about it. However, these cars are NOT street legal. At least not in california. A single turbo supra? I dont...
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    Re: Check out the Infi !!!!!

    I dont know about the wheels, but I like your audio/video setup. Im doing something similar, except I screwed up and didnt get the tech package. So Im going with a TV built into each visor (up front)...
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    Re: FX35 gets the \"bling\" this weekend.

    Ghetto, eh?

    My wife and I make frequent road trips (tahoe, berryessa, bay area-la), so it will come in handy. The system will also have the capability to run a playstation, which should be...
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    Re: FX35 gets the \"bling\" this weekend.

    Sure! Let me get it installed, and then you can check it out. If you like it, Im sure he will give you similar pricing, at least.

    On another note, just realized that I can either yank the stock...
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    FX35 gets the \"bling\" this weekend.

    I have an FX35, non tech. I want my goodies!

    Heres the plan so far: Im putting a tv screen in each front visor, and one in each rear headrest. I dont know where the dvd player will go, gotta...
  24. Thread: RWD vs AWD

    by Pakisho

    Re: RWD vs AWD

    You track your SUV???????????????????????????????
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    Re: 2003-2004 M45 leases/deals

    Do you have any, Danny? And is it a big difference, price wise, between an 03 and an 04?

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