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    Thanks, Went With Infiniti of Manhattan

    Thanks a lot. For convenience, I decided to give Infiniti of Manhattan a try. So far, so good.

    I'll let the forum know how it turns out.
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    Best Service In Or Near Manhattan?

    Can anybody suggest good service for my 2003 Infiniti G35 in or near Manhattan?

    I saw an older thread on this subject, but the last post was several years ago and things change.

    Thanks for...
  3. MikeD: good point, but somehow the spoiler thing...

    MikeD: good point, but somehow the spoiler thing just isn't me. One guy can wear a hat and look like Frank Sinatra. Another guy can put on the same hat and look like Nancy Sinatra.

    I don't know...
  4. I don't have the breakout handy, so I'm going...

    I don't have the breakout handy, so I'm going from memory here.

    The total bill was a little north of $500, but that included NYS inspection and regularly scheduled maintenance.

    For the brake...
  5. Thanks

    Thanks for the reply. Since my NY state inspection has to get done this month and I won't pass without the brake light I've decided to bite the bullet and pay the dealership to do it.

    There are...
  6. Replacing Center Brake Light (aka "Third Brake Light")?

    Hi everybody,

    I searched the forum and couldn't find an answer to this one.

    My 2003 G35 has a dead center brake light -- the one above the trunk. My dealer in NY will charge me a small fortune...
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