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Thread: Grubbs Customer Service? Have they grown too big?

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    Re: Grubbs Customer Service? Have they grown too

    Yep - You're right. You got Bit! This thread is undeserved, and by golly you got exactly what you deserved.


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    Re: Grubbs Customer Service? Have they grown too

    Beware putting Grubbs complaints in writing lest you receive passive-aggressive treatment.

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    Re: Grubbs Customer Service? Have they grown too

    whats passive aggresive about giving him 110% back? They dont have the part, what else can they do? man, no pleasing some people.

    What you *need* to do is handle your business with them directly. Danny is a bigger man than that (and a better business person). He didnt offer your money back and plus some to be vindictive. Just call them and stop making a scene here. I bet they *still* try to take care of you.

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    Re: Grubbs Customer Service? Have they grown too

    I've seen and heard it time and time again from customers of many vendors, manufacturers, and installers. If you have a problem, PICK UP THE PHONE. I know if I had a problem with something I wouldn't be afraid to pick up the phone and talk to someone. Now, some might say that in this day and age that shouldn't be necessary but I can't remember the last time I got something done simply by writing an email. Get on the phone, talk it out, and you'll find in 90% of cases the problem is resolved SO much faster without leaving you with a feeling of uncertainty.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Grubbs Customer Service? Have they grown too

    Passive aggressive is a condition in which a person seems to acquiesce to the desires and needs of others, but actually passively resists.

    BTW, I don't have any business with Grubbs. I don't have feelings for or against Grubbs. I've certainly heard more praise than gripes and I'm sure they have superior service.

    Furthermore, I believe the original poster should have sent a PM to Danny. However, he did not. He also did not ask to have his money returned and his order canceled. Maybe if everybody would just cool down and handle this via PM, a solution could be reached. Dunno.

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    Re: Grubbs Customer Service? Have they grown too

    to answer fellow posters...I emailed Danny 10 minutes or so before I posted my original feedback. I'm very impatient, so by posting i felt I would get a faster response, which I did.

    phone calls were made to the parts dept to inquire about my order PRIOR to posting. The individuals I spoke to did not know what was going on. they said the shipping dept made a mistake and had no idea where their expected new shipment was except it was in transit.

    Danny is the general manager of Grubbs Infiniti, not the parts dept.

    I appreciate Danny's comments and the posts/opinions from fellow members, but by golly, the order has been cancelled, refund offered, and I consider this matter closed.

    Take my experience for what its worth.

    Moderators: Thank you for leaving this post open even though it has no G content. It shows you are willing to leave posts, both positive and negative about a big FA sponsor open for your readers to read and make their own judgement.

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    Re: Grubbs Customer Service? Have they grown too big?

    The Federal Trade Commission 30-Day Rule was posted earlier in this post - be sure to click on the link and read it, as it goes into great detail.

    I am a a retired owner of a major tool warehouse selling by mail, phone and Internet, which is now owned by my son. While they have few backorders, they positively do not charge anyone's card until the day of shipment. To do so creates a lot of hard feelings and while Grubbs is a fine company, they should consider a change in their policy. However, that decision is their's, not mine.

    I also agree that calling by phone will solve a lot of issues in a friendlier way than sending emails back and forth and I do not feel that this forum should be used to bash a supplier. So often an issue could be easily resolved with good communication between buyer and seller...not by notifying government agencies or by sending an email, waiting 10 minutes, and then posting a sad story on forums. Most companies will respond if your request is reasonable - give them a chance.

    [Quote]: "I emailed Danny 10 minutes or so before I posted my original feedback. I'm very impatient, so by posting, I felt I would get a faster response, which I did." [Unquote]

    Sending an email and waiting 10 minutes is a joke. Companies dealing on the Internet often receive hundreds of emails daily and they don't necessarily have a person sitting by the computer all day waiting just for your email! It is impossible to address each issue immediately.

    Initially the Internet was a fast way to get around the former method of writing to a company and most emails were answered promptly. As the system grew and became more popular, things changed.

    Let's say that you own a company and are trying to do a commendable job with your email customer service department. At first, it is easy, as you are handling only a few emails a day. Things change - now you come to work on a Monday morning and have over 100 emails and many of the letters cover complex issues, which require research. How about a few years later when you receive 1000 emails some Monday morning? Eventually companies will either not answer at all, or have "1 size fits all form letters" which will be sent by a low-level clerk. As the sytem grows, it will eventually self-destruct, unless properly managed.

    I know, as I take care of the emails for my son's business and have seen the number of emails increase tenfold within the past 2 years. (I am retired but help out, as have the technical knowledge). But what about other companies? They may not have the manpower to handle the many questions that come through the email system. What then? Give Grubbs a break - they will eventually work it out, but IMO charging customer's credit card prior to shipping is a No-No in the mail-order-phone business.

    Another issue is the "Automated Attendant" feature on phone systems, where you have to press buttons and be on hold for long periods of time - this is almost worse than unanswered emails, but I don't want to get into that subject....


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    Re: Grubbs Customer Service? Have they grown too

    I would imagine to change anything, they would have to spin off their performance parts business into another company. Then it wouldnt be an actual dealer anymore, potentially negating one of the major advantage to purchasing from them. There arent many discount Infiniti parts dealers anywhere.

    I wouldnt dream of asking my local dealer for a double din part, much less what it would cost (125% retail).

    I think if we keep complaining about their policies (right or wrong), they are liable to just go back to counter sales only. You see a mad rush of other dealers to the web? I dont. I think as long as you want to purchase from an actual authorized Infiniti dealer, there are going to be some compromises. Sure they could do better at web order status notification, but they already do 10x better than other dealers, in price and service.

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    Re: Grubbs Customer Service? Have they grown too

    I shall attempt once again to explain how our process works and why.

    The first thing to understand is that first and foremost we are an automobile dealership not an online parts company or mail order house. Our mainframe computer system is a Nissan Corporation required system named InfinitiNet. We use this system for all accounting, billing, ordering and inventory control.

    ALL parts whether Nissan parts or aftermarket parts are enterered into this system and then, ordered, billed and reordered as required. Since our franchise requires that we show all sales on our monthly financial statement and this system is the system Nissan requires there really isn't any option for something different. Please don't send me suggestions on ways to improve the process.

    The difference in ordering online and in person is that if you are in the dealership you known immediately if we have the part or not because the counter person walks back to pull the part. A ticket is then generated, the inventory is relieved and you pay the cashier. If we are out of stock the customer then decides if they want to order the part and if so we fill out a special order form, create a slaes ticket and they pay the cashier.

    The difference is that the order system we use for online orders does not interface with the InfinitiNet system (Nissan restricts access) so it always believes we have the part and processes the order. The parts person then creates a sales ticket which relieves inventory and the process continues.

    We try to be accurate and update the website at night to show what items are on backorder but it is possible that we may miss an item.

    The biggest problem is when we receive a new item and we get a run on that items. It may show to be in inventory to the parts person but as orders are being processed inventory is being relieved and by the time your order gets up we may be in a backorder condition.

    This is our process and because we are first and foremost a franchised new car dealership using factory required systems this is how we will continue to do it.

    Here are just a suggestions:

    1. Understand the process and why it is the way it is. If it bothers you please do not place an order.
    2. If you have a problem or concern we provide a tollfree number for you to call that is good anywhere in the US or Canada.
    3. We are not perfect! We make mistakes but if you will take the time to call we will resolve it immediately.
    4. We will continue to offer Infiniti parts, Nismo parts, Performance parts, etc., and we will continue to provide exciting new products all at a discount.
    5. If you want to contact me DO NOT PM me. Use email or phone...both are listed in my signature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vegas_infiniti
    Carvey is still in school. He works here when he is out and now that he is back in school he is gone again. Will be back next Summer.

    Hello all! I am sorry for the very late update. I am still in school, but will be out in the Summer of 2007. I first went just to get my BBA in Management, but ended up falling in love with a Marketing class and instead of changing my major, decided to do a double major. Yes..crazy I know.

    I did go back to Grubbs for a short time, but there was scheduling issues that could not be addressed with my school schedule. So I hope to be back in the business in some way very soon.

    I will say that all of you guys and girls (yes we do have some females driving the G as well) were great customers and am definitely using my 11 years of experience with customers to "fine tune" the customer service.

    Customer Service is still my Passion and I hope that wherever I end up, the Customer WILL be taken care of in a way he/she should be with respect to their desires.

    I hope I did not tick too many people off by leaving. I know there have been management changes at Grubbs. Whatever changes happen, the customer service should be priority #1!

    Stay Safe and hope to hear from you and how everything is going.

    Other than that the only update is that the wife and I have a son now.
    So with school and fatherhood I stay pretty busy. Looking forward to being out of school and back in the Service side ASAP.

    Carvey Parker
    Arlington, Tx

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    Nice to hear from you Carvey - hope you are getting some sleep between a young son and going to school with a double major!

    You and Danny are missed at Grubbs I'm sure - hurry back!

    Let us know how things are going from time to time.

    - Riff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riffster
    Nice to hear from you Carvey - hope you are getting some sleep between a young son and going to school with a double major!

    You and Danny are missed at Grubbs I'm sure - hurry back!

    Let us know how things are going from time to time.

    - Riff

    Sleep?! Whats that? Will give more updates in the future.

    Anyone know what happened to Todd Carlson (TMAX)? I haven't heard from him in awhile.

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    Hey guys just looking back at the great memories you gave me

    How is everyone doing? Are there still folks on the forum back from 2002/2003??

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    Quote Originally Posted by cparker75 View Post
    How is everyone doing? Are there still folks on the forum back from 2002/2003??
    Some folks are still here.
    The G35 scene was hot back then as the car was new.
    If you ahve questions someone will usually answer it
    "In the end we all just play the roles given us... Sometimes they dont fit so well,... but I guess we make do."

    Dont forget MultiMedia forums!!

    2x91,92,94 Q45s, 2x 350Z, 1x 240SX w/ SR20DET, 1x Sentra SER SPEC-V, 2k2 Maxima, 2x03 G35, 09 Maxima, 2k2 Maxima, 2015 XTerra, 2005 Xterra, 2012 Pathfinder,

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