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Thread: IPOD and/or MP3 player adapter for 2003 M45

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    Quote Originally Posted by CakeDaddy View Post
    There is a quality shop here in town that will intergrate the ipod for you. They will run the cable through the glox box, cup holder, center console or where ever you'd like. Beleive it or not....but I just saw the work they did on an 02 Q45. They were able to use the steering wheel vol and other functions to change tracks. I'm interested in doing the work myself, so I'll see if I can get some more details, but I do know that it involves tapping into the tape deck.

    I bet it's almost identical to this project:
    Cakedaddy, as soon as you find out info on this please post it. I tried 2 different devices that were supposed to work on our cars, but they didn't work. I'd like to see if a device can actually control an iPod's song selection....

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    ok lets get back to the original post... here are two links that should help you.

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    Neither of those devices work, I've checked. And, I would never buy from a internet site that will not refund your money under any circumstances.


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