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Thread: Complete Lock set for S13

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    Complete Lock set for S13

    Hey guys. I need prices on a complete lock set(both doors and trunk) for my 93 S13 Coupe. Also include ignition seperately please.



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    Re: Complete Lock set for S13

    I could also use a price, just so i know. new car has a key broke off in the drivers side.

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    Re: Complete Lock set for S13

    Ill post up some pricing tomorrow from the office...

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    Re: Complete Lock set for S13

    There are 16 different options...

    PM me your VIN numbers and I will reply with pricing...

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    Lock Set

    "Not a Sponsor" has complete lockset (Pass door, Driver door, Trunk and ignition) with a single key for $195.

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    thanks, got it a year and a half ago...

    EDIT: I think I got it for under that with 2 keys, Shipped
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    haha... way to bump an old thread

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