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Thread: New Members introduce yourself!

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    Re: New Members introduce yourself!

    Hmm, Lemme guess Skydragoness?

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    Re: New Members introduce yourself!

    thats her fred...are u gonna come out tomorrow fred havnt really heard much from u?

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    Re: New Members introduce yourself!

    Hmm, Lemme guess Skydragoness?
    Yep! Can you change my screename to SkyTigress? That would be awesome. I think I'll bumping up my post count on here. I'm so glad you guys didn't delete my name.

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    Re: New Members introduce yourself!

    Yep! Can you change my screename to SkyTigress?
    You can do it yourself.


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    Re: New Members introduce yourself!

    Just did. I didn't know I had the authority!

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    Re: New Members introduce yourself!

    We empower Members here..

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    Re: New Members introduce yourself!

    Hi! My name is Nick i live in Delavan wisconsin i have a 1986 Nissan 300ZX Turbo which i have had for about 8 months or so now. I was told to come over here by (Nismodave) so i thought i'd stop by and say hello! - Nick

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    Re: New Members introduce yourself!

    Hey all,

    I'm a new-ish lurker. I had a '90 S13 for almost a year before I got pissed at its incessant air conditioning issues, at which point I picked up a '92 Z32 TT 5-speed.

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    Re: New Members introduce yourself!

    Welcome Jehannum!

    Feel free to post pics of your Z in our free photo hosting site .... Registration for Photo Hosting is Free and Quick!

    - Riff

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    Re: New Members introduce yourself!

    Well I'm not new here, I've actually been a lurker for a very very long time and lost my last login name due to inactivity .

    Name is Evan, I just turned 25 last week WOOT CHEAPER INSURANCE!

    My sig tells you what kind of work I do, but I'm also a major Nissan/Infiniti enthusiast which happened long before my job choice. I currently drive a 1990 Infiniti Q45 with a few extras (see Cardomain link in sig). It's my second one actually.

    I just moved to Indianapolis, In. from the Oakland, Ca. area to help my Grandparents live a bit easier. They're both getting up there in age and can't do a number of things without assistance. It was easier for me to move here than my Mom because I didn't have a home to sell to do so.

    I love to give buying/leasing advice, so if anyone ever has questions about that - or any upcoming products - don't hesitate to post a thread or contact me. I'll definitely be around here a lot more often.

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    I'm Jack. I'm 20, and from Cleveland, OH. Some of you may know me from I've owned or driven daily too many Nissans to count, but I somehow missed this place.

    The Toy:

    The Daily (for sale or trade):

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    my name is Arthur I currently reside in West Palm Beach in Sunny Florida
    I am very new to this
    I have a 94 240SX convertable and 96 hardtop plus Infiniti G35
    I aso have a wrecked G35 and was wondering if I could transfer motor and tranny plus suspenion wheels etc to a 240SX body perhaps I should go to a different link? any suggestions would help

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    Hi, my name is Lord Vader. :D
    Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station. - Grand Moff Tarkin

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    I'm Classic M TYPE X, back from the dead. And you still can't question my Integraty. :p
    "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses." They're not gonna catch us. We're on a Mission from God. Hit it.

    From the book of 1 Avalonians: Thou shalt not park a Nissan Maxima in thine driveway and thou shalt not have any gods before Toyotathon.

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    PooflinginMonkey.......................if you tread other nissan forums, you have already met me or my other identity "howlermonkey".

    I will be showing up at the nissan club meet in july.

    I have plenty of nissan experience having worked at both Datsun Dynamics in Reston, VA. and The Z shop of Miami as well as many years at the dealerships.

    Current projects are a M30 turbo and a 1984 maxima turbo.

    I'll try to do some write-ups of unusual swaps and or modifications that nobody else has done when time permits.

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    hi guys

    nick from london

    nice to meet ya

    i drift in uk ,been drifting 3 years
    drive r32 gts and 180 sx

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    Red face Just another new face

    Another stanger appears. Hello my name is ... well thats not important right now , lets just say "J" for now.

    Im 25 years old and currently in the military. I am now living in N.Las Vegas, after 2 short wonderful years in okinawa. Its really hard getting used to the fact that there is no such thing as a cool breeze in Las Vegas.

    As far as cars go my heart pumps oil and the whooshing sound from my brain spooling up ... its ...well you just have to hear it for yourself. I was once proud to say every car I've owned was turbocharged. From my first being the Shelby Daytona Turbo Z to my 84' Grand National while I was still a young buck. Then on to an R33 Skyline GTS25T as well as my Y33 Gloria Gran Turismo.Since Ive been in Nevada all my cars so far have been N/A .... it doesnt suck ... its just different .... I keep finding myself everyday listening for the spool-up ...thinking that one day it will suddenly whistle up again.

    To shorten this story ; I told myself I was going to buy another skyline even if it killed me ... well I guess I kind of have one in my 03 G35 coupe .. so I cant complain too much.

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