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Thread: Roll call

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    Roll call

    Where's the Hawaii people at?!! Holla if you hear me!

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    Alright Hawaii!!!


    Just got my '07 M45 SPORT w/tech and adv. tech package! JUST LOVE IT!!! Way better than my previous '03 MB E500 SPORT!!!

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    so.. there's only 2 car enthusiasts in hawaii?

    2007 FJ Cruiser
    2004 Silverstone 350z

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    It only took about 5 months to get one response. Oh well. Where you at tomosawa? I'm on Oahu. And congrats on your new M purchase.

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    :caged: take it easy. we got 3 guys from Hawaii! lol!!:D ZYAL8R808 im from Oahu too. Ewa to be exact. are u going on the Nissan cruise may 20th? on sunday?

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    I can't. I got lunch with the some-to-be-wifey's family. I actually only heard of the cruise a couple days ago from this forum. I've been out of the loop with the local car clubs for a while now. Besides, I cringe at the $3.39 / gallon of gas I gotta pay now.

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    Plans changed this Sunday and I may be free Sunday. Where is everyone meeting to start the cruise and what time?

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    Kaka'ako Park. 12pm roll out @ 1pm. see u there. i have a silver 02 spec-v

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    Right on. I'll probably stop by but don't know if I'll bring the Z32 or the FX.

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    any others...:D

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    Wassup Lawman. Howz the M doing? Any new mods to it?

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    got some new stuff, need some paint, need some time and it will be all good....:D

    is that you that has the dropped blue FX? that thing is damn sick...

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    No. That's not my FX. Mine is stock except for a cold air intake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZYAL8R808
    No. That's not my FX. Mine is stock except for a cold air intake.
    cool thanks... whoo hoo some action over here...:D

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    what's going on....why so dead in the Hawaii section?

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