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Thread: Nissan Maxima reliability - how does it compare?

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    We've updated our reliability stats for the Maxima to include owner experiences through September 30, 2014.

    Repair frequencies, in terms of repair trips per 100 cars per year:

    2006 Maxima: 122, high, very small sample size
    2004 Maxima: 70, low, very small sample size

    Additional participants always helpful (especially if you see "small sample size" next to the year, or no stat at all).

    To view the repairs behind these numbers, check the stats for other cars, and sign up to help improve this information (next update in February):

    Nissan Maxima reliability ratings and comparisons
    Vehicle reliability, price comparisons, fuel economy

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    We haven't had quite enough participants for this generation of the Maxima to provide reliability stats for it. Even a few more could make the difference for some model years.
    Vehicle reliability, price comparisons, fuel economy

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