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Thread: inspiration !!!

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    inspiration !!!

    versa 4 LyFE !!!!!11one

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    Did you get those pics from Kenny ?

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    That's super hot.

    It does kinda beg the question, do you all think that the Versa could have been called the Tiida here in the states to make it a global car?

    and , what engine is that? an SR20?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tyndago
    Did you get those pics from Kenny ?
    got it from peter... he wanted to inspire me... now the Q... to bluebird sr swap or turbo the stocker.... ????
    versa 4 LyFE !!!!!11one

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    awesome - thats all I can say!
    William Perdigon

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    Hi there, well the pictures comes from Costa Rica, La Guacima Racing Circuit, This car is made it for Valverde Racing, Roy father is the experience behind the project and the tree brothers, RoyJr. is the pilot, in the pictures you can see haw a 4 cillinders engine with turbo make the circuit record and how destroy the toyota v8 engine special delivery to Costa Rica to the toyota representative in Costa Rica....

    Is funny how Toyota have to see for a long time the back of the Nissan Power.. this year finally Toyota wins, I they celebrate how crazy because at last after 3 years and just for a mecanic problems in the Tiida(Versa) they won...

    Anyway is impresive the handle and the acceleration of that car, for the question: YES is a SR VVL 2.2 over vrs. 7.0 liters and racing toyota

    regards from Costa Rica

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianmita
    That's super hot.

    It does kinda beg the question, do you all think that the Versa could have been called the Tiida here in the states to make it a global car?

    and , what engine is that? an SR20?
    Yes the engine is a SR20 open to 2.2 liters, turbo intercooler with 15 pounds, racing computer, inyectors, etc.

    Tiida means "Everchanging tide" in Japanesse dialect.

    In fact, (from wikipedia)"Nissan, replacing both the long-running Pulsar and the Sunny models as of September 30, 2004. Available as the Tiida in Australia, South Africa, Finland, Ireland, former easten block countries, China and Sri Lanka, it is also known in export markets as the Nissan Versa (North America) and Nissan Latio (Southeast Asia). The Tiida is based on the new global Nissan B platform with the wheelbase stretched" .

    Global has a extrange way for use in the companies. example: all versas in the USA market are made in aguas Calientes, Mexico, no just the engine, i mean, the complete car. Now in Europe is available from Mexico too.

    In some countries in America the situation is confused.. because, in Costa Rica we have the Tiida made and ensambled in Japan except the engine (all the MR18DE are made in Mexico). Here the sedan calls TIIDA too, but in Japan and Australia they call LATIO.

    I buy a Tiida Hatch, and for the of market (means third world class country) in Costa Rica all versions comes with abs for example, in anothers countrys, that's an option....

    Anuway the version I bought is called Limited Edition, comes with everything, 1.8l engine 6 speed manual powertrain, abs, front and side courtain airbags, etc, the only thing doesn't apply was the radio, comes only with a cd player and 6 speakers, not sub.

    At this time the car has a 9 months with me and 20,000 kilometers (12500miles +/-), everythig is fine, no problems.

    TIP. the Driver window has auto or manual opcion, some people talk about problems in the switch, well is not the switch is the computer.
    FIX: OPEN the window, then pull the switch and move the window to the closed position, (never unhold the botton andleave the window up for 4 seconds more or less) , then, just unhold the switch click to auto open the window, when is done, just click for close in auto, that's all.

    Best regards

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    Videos of the car in action:

    Here one lap in La Guacima Racing Circuit en Costa Rica

    The coca-cola cup in the same place

    And here how a extra bonus, the babe pits of Costa Rica

    More info of the car on the site owner:

    Regards from Costa Rica


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