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Thread: Starter problem, just drove car off the lot 2 weeks ago!

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    Starter problem, just drove car off the lot 2 weeks ago!

    Hopefully it's not the starter, maybe just a loose wire? At the dealer right now. FX.

    Problem started as a delay between turning the key and the car starting. Sometimes it would be several seconds. Lately the problem has become worse and usually presents itself when the car has been sitting in the sun. This just doesn't make any sense to me, though?! The car starts up great in the morning in the garage, but it took me 20 minutes yesterday after it had been sitting in a parking lot all day and 20 minutes this evening after sitting at work all day. Sometimes I will hear one click and other times, nothing (usually if I try starting at shorter intervals vs. letting it "rest" for a minute or so btw tries).

    Puzzling and a bit discouraging since it is a brand new car. Hope it's not a sign of things to come. Other wise, well besides an annoying clicking noise coming from the central vent in car, I *love* the car. Traded in the minivan and was worried I'd miss all the room, but so far I'm very happy!

    One more question as husband took a look under the hood and noticed a black rubber "hose" just above, to the left of the battery, which was not connected to anything. Does anyone know what this is? Will ask the dealer tomorrow, but I'm too impatient and want to know now, lol!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!

    Edited to add, drive a Versa S Hatchback, now at 800 miles. No Intelligent-Key, so this is not an interference problem.

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    hmm. black hose...I think that's an air intake for the EGR system? Emissions reduction stuff. I could be wrong.

    but the starter, that's pretty strange. the only difference is whether it's been sitting in the sun or not? maybe it's just a bum battery. regardless, it's good it's covered under warranty.

    Nice to hear you like the car, especially coming from something bigger! keep us updated.
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  3. #3's the ignition cylinder.

    Makes me feel a little more at ease (not sure if I *should* feel more at ease?), knowing it's not the starter at least. Part will be in tomorrow.

    Only other problem is an annoying rattle when the vents are on. Dealer s/b checking in to that as well.

    Let's hope the next 900+miles are less eventful!


    Edited to add....heat was definetely what caused it to act up. Let the car sit at work for the morning, 80 degree day, went to go out around wouldn't start. I opened all the windows and checked back in 2 hours and guess what?? It started right up. Odd, but makes a little more sense since the ignition is a bit more exposed than the starter.

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    It could be a relay. I have had similar problems on another Nissan model. It turned out that an ignition relay would at times stick.... In anycase it is the dealer's responsibility to figure it out.
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    I don't think you should worry too much as long as the problem is easily reproduciable (spelling?) which is true in your case. Also the vent i am sure the dealer can fix that.


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    Versa has a known problem with the Fuel Pump. Try turning the key on (don't start) and wait 5 to 10 seconds. Then try starting. If it starts - take it to the dealer and let them know it needs a new Fuel Pump. It appears that the Fuel Pump isn't pumping enough gas to start. If you turn on the key and wait 5 to 10 seconds - it provides enough fuel to start.

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    I have a 2005 Nissan 350Z and im having the EXACT SAME problem!
    I took the car to 2 different Nissan dealerships to get it fixed and they think im crazy! i cant find anyone to fix this problem and sometimes in teh summer i am stranded for an hour waiting for the temp to drop & i live in CALIFORNIA.What should i do!? im about to sell the car.I hate nissan.

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    Sounds like your problem might be heat related. Perhaps a sensor or fuel related issue.
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