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What can you tell me about Clear Bras? Does the paint on the G35 really chip that much?
ClearBra Q&A w/ SoCal Installer (very long)
Clear Bra - Regrets? Which Parts?
Clear Bra and Orange Peels
Clear Bras?
Paint is complete crap?

What kind of wax or polish should I use?
Zaino Wax
Meguiars gold class wax
Meguiars NXT
Zaino pix

How can I touch-up the paint on my car?
need opinions on touchup paint
Has anyone used Langka for touch up paint? (link)
Touch up paint --

How should I break in my engine?
Some articles on breaking in engines

What color should I get?
This is a very personal decision. But here's a lot of opinions for you.
What color are you going to order your G35 Coupe in?
What's the best color on the Coupe?
The OFFICIAL G35 Coupe color poll:

What interior color should I get?
Interior...Willow....or Graphite?

Common complaints
Coupe. 11,500 miles. Need brake pads. (The brake pads may not last very long). 2003-2004 non-Brembo models had their brake warranties extended.
In-dash CD gives CD ERR F3 :( (You cannot play or insert CD's - this is a quick fix for this problem that used to mean replacing the unit for hundreds of bucks!)

I ordered my car, but didn't get an order number. Should I have received one? What about my VIN?
Orders are placed the first week of every month. By the end of the ordering period, your order number is available. If your dealer cannot give it to you, that may be a sign that your order was not actually placed. Ask again because it IS available.
Your VIN becomes available around the time your car is built and on the ship. Roughly three weeks after that it will be at the dealer (among other things, it depends on where in the country your dealer is).
The importance of knowing your order number.

What awards or good reviews has the G35 received?
It's official! MT names Infiniti G35C/S car of YR!
October Car & Driver Comparison Test!
G35C Makes Forbes "Ten Cars We Wish We Owned" List]
Money Magazine: G35 sedan is best sports sedan
Impressive G35 Coupe review from Edmunds
AAA Award[Best 25-30k auto]

Should I buy or lease?
Coupe... BUY or LEASE?
Coupe...Better to Purchase or Lease

How much does insurance cost?
Of course, this depends on a number of factors!
How much is your insurance for G Coupe?
What would you guess insurance would cost on G35C?

Where can i download g35 manuals?
SERVICE manuals are not free, but the owner's manual is (links below).
Re-distributing the service manual is piracy and FreshAlloy will not allow its forums to be used for piracy.

What Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) are available?
Infiniti website
ITB03-007 Audio Circuit Board Campaign (Sedan)
ITB02-80 "Rocking Chair" (and ITB 02-056 A/C)
Wiper chatter
Brake switch
"Complete list of TSBs"

The driver's side window only goes down a little bit when I open the door - the passenger side opens quite a bit more. Anyone else have this?
Coupe's anti-pinch

What 13 little tweaks can my Infiniti mechanics do for me? (door locks, windows, headlights, etc.)

Will the DVD player play movies?
Stock NAV played DVD/TV now!!
The Nav Conversion Instructions!!!

Can I disable the safety feature on the DVD (preventing me from using it while driving)?

What kind of modifications are available?
Injen CAI
Stillen High Flow Intake
Mod Resources

How do I change the oil?
Changing the oil

How do I change the brake pads?
Changing brake pads

How do I change the AC microfilter?
In-cabin microfilter
In-cabin micro-filter 2

How do I install aluminum pedals?
Attention!! Aluminum Gas Pedal install on G35C!
G35 Coupe Alumi Pedal Install Pics and Tips
G35 - Infiniti Aluminum Pedal Install Photos/Guide

How do I change the headlights or parking/clearance lights?
Changing the lights

What are the 0-60 mph times for the coupe?
5at - Edmunds
5at - Coupe and the G-Tec Pro Meter...
5at - Automatic Coupe vs. Sedan Comparison

How do I remove the emblems from the back of my car?

Why did my Service Engine Soon light come on?!
Check the gas cap and make sure it's fastened tightly (3 clicks at least). This can activate that sensor. [thanks to member guptasa1]

Is it true that you can't change the stereo head unit?
The head unit has an A/C circuit board integrated into it. You'd have to have a good chunk of money and be REALLY resourceful to change it out. To date, no one has reported changing it - though many have changed the amps and/or speakers with good results.

What size are the speakers?
The speakers are 6.5 inches in the front doors and (on the coupe) the rear side panel. The sedan has 5.25 inch rear door speakers. The rear deck speakers on the Bose coupe are 6x9 and on the Bose sedan there is a single 6" woofer. There are tweeters in the sail panel - the little black triangle at the front bottom corner of the front windows.

How do I install new speakers?
How I put the Y in Infiniti

Do the doors lock themselves when you put it in drive or go over a certain speed?
No, they don't

I have a rattle in the right rear speaker of my coupe. Can this be fixed?
Yes, it can

Anything I should be careful of?<ul type="square[/img][*]Don't use CD-R with labels in the CD changer. In any case, if you get the error message "CD ERR FO" on your radio, then you have experienced a common problem. The CD player is dead at this point. Infiniti dealers are generally swapping the radio out for a refurbished one as a matter of practice. One possible solution (thanks to member Kojo62!) that has worked for at least a couple members (including me!) is to quickly & repeatedly press the eject button (if that doesn't work, also try pressing eject & load quickly). If you hear the changer start to make noises, stop and see if you can eject the CDs. Eject them and re-load them in order.[*]On the coupe, don't disconnect the battery without lowering the windows. The windows lower slightly when you open the door. They can't do that if the battery is disconnected and opening the door may then cause damage to the window or roof.[/list]---------------------------------------------

What is VPP?
How to buy a coupe [or any G35] with VPP

What to do when I get my car - How do I bed the brakes?
How to bed the brakes

How to change 5AT coupe brake pads?
Changing Brake Pads - 5AT Coupe

Do I need to use premium gas?
For the sedan, it's optional but it does improve performance.
For the coupe, it's required.

If you have or are getting a CAI, you should read this!
Damage to your car

I am getting a rattling sound from the rear of my G, what can I do?
First, have someone ride in the back of your car and go over something that will cause enough vibration to have the rattle sound (lane dividers are a safe bet) and then have your companion locate the noise. Chances are it is coming from clips located under the headliner where it meets the rear windshield. Either put some foam there yourself if you feel confident about doing it or let your dealer do it if not.
Rear Rattle Thread