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Thread: What's Your Best Highway Debris Story?

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    In Arkansas I had the tractor trailer in front of me hit a cow and it popped out the back end right in front of me. Lucky I was driving my truck, not my 240, because I hit it. In Cali I saw an entire dining room set on the middle of the night sitting in the center of the 5 just South of Huntington Beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve shadows View Post
    Oh man I can beat all of these.

    They were moving bridge portions/crains on these huge oversized load trailers down PCH (pac coast hwy in socal) in long beach from the Port Area of Long Beach and Hangers at the airport where they were manufactured and built to seal beach area where the naval ship yard area is.

    It was about 9 pm at night and about 25 CHP truck block off what is about a mile and shut down the whole roadway blocking several intersections for mile stretch or more (thought there was a terrorist attack or something).

    This huge multi tractor with multi tractor trailer monstrosity rolls down and round 2nd street and then down towards Seal Beach on what is Westminster blvd.

    All of a sudden (because the chp is idiotic apparently) the crain piece (which is larger than a locomotive and about 3 stories tall) takes out like three high tension power lines just above it, arching and sparking like crazy and cracking like Nicoli tesla just farted. All the traffic starts backing up and the power lines light on fire. All the power on that part of the grid went out and emergency services were flying all over the city to deal with it + several helicopters.

    It just sat there smoldering arc welded to the truck and the power line for several hours. haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaymark6655 View Post
    In Cali I saw an entire dining room set on the middle of the night sitting in the center of the 5 just South of Huntington Beach.
    very surreal
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    The only thing I have ever seen actually come off of a vehicle was a dining room table chair. Came off the back of a pickup that was speeding on the FL TPK, I was able to easily avoid it.

    Second one, I was not so lucky. I was doing the Susan B Karman drive where you get to drive 10 miles in a BMW for cancer research. I was on the I75 in a brand new Z4 with my GF, when I switched lanes doing 80 and saw the huge remnants of a truck tire in the middle of the road. I wasn't able to avoid it and slammed right into it without even braking. It cracked the grill and broke the under cover of the car. Pulled to the side, stuck the grill in between us and drove back to the dealership scraping the ground. Dropped off the car and told them what happened. They just asked me if I was alright and made me sign a waiver that I was not hurt. Then they asked me if I wanted to drive a 645i convertible. I declined and decided to go home.

    I was driving on SR 112 in Miami and saw a bucket in the middle of the road. Hit it doing 90. It cracked the bottom spoiler of my Maxima, but that was it.
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