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Thread: Me vs a MuSTANG...

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    Me vs a MuSTANG...

    Had an early meeting this AM (me in my '06 G35 Sports Sedan) and was at the stop light making a left turn to get to the freeway on-ramp (followed by an immediate right turn about 100 yards after the light) and behind me pulls up an 02 or 03 Mustang convertible - factory roll bar and all sorts of trim (hood clips, air dams, etc.). So he moves from behind me to the left-most turn lane as he assumed he could get around me and make the right onto the freeway on-ramp ahead of me.

    Excuse me?

    Before coffee?

    So I left him cold - didn't creep before the light changed or nothing - just gunned it - around the on-ramp from 40 to 60mph and up to 80 before the merge onto the freeway - and he was SOOO far behind it was awesome.

    I could hear him, but he was far enough behind the curve that I could not see him, and was a good 10 to 15 car lengths behind when I merged.

    So then he blew by me a mile or so later at about 90 mph to show me that he could go fast.

    I love how the Gs handle through acceleration and turns -
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    yeah i recently raced my brother who has an 03 mustang GT with exhaust and all that other bits and pieces they like to add to their cars. I have an 07 G35s . We did a 35mph roll in second gear(both were autos) to about 80+mph since we didnt have much road to play with.

    we did the little racer three honk deal and I just took off. We both kept the traction control on but he still lost grip and i continued to take off. It was in my opinion kinda funny cause it felt too easy but i cant blame him for poor electronic nanies to keep his car planted.

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