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Thread: 07 Cobalt Upgraded Supercharged Killed my 03 G35 Coupe 5mt :-((((((

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    A blown Cobalt still = junk. I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those fairy cars. Those rank right up there with the Bug and Eclipse for "chicks only" cars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by texsn95
    A blown Cobalt still = junk. I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those fairy cars. Those rank right up there with the Bug and Eclipse for "chicks only" cars.
    I agree 100% LOL! But it being junk or whatever names we wanna toss at it will not help him outrun it.

    Opinions often vary and too often people equate more expensive with "better". I am sure Ferrari owners think Infinities are junk and would not be caught dead in them.....

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    Man what a bunch of weenies!

    "Your G's hot...who wants a fast happy with your slow car it' not a 20k piece of junk(that's faster than you)"

    but when you guys beat a clk230 4 cyl the story changes

    "Man I just smoked a 50k mercedes..what a loser, my 35k car is baller"

    and his response : See #1 (sub 20k for 35k)

    Man up and don't waste money on the minor mods get some forced induction...or just burn those leather seats, take a sawzall to the sound deadining material and exhaust..hellllloooo hot potatoes

    Respect the cobalt it's a world class sports car with refinement and, I'm sure that's what they say on the cobalt forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by iNFERNiS

    07 Cobalt Upgraded Supercharged Killed my 03 G35 Coupe 5mt :-((((((

    I have a 2003 g35, carribean blue, Automatic on 89 octane...
    Auto or Manual?
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    Sorry to tell ya but a stock cobalt ss has about the same hp at the wheels as the G35 has. only diff is the G has a bit more torque. Most all cobalt ss have the stage 2 kits from GM, its about a 600 dollar upgrade and it makes them push i think about 20-30 more hp. GM website says a cobalt ss has 205hp, but thats way underrated, it has about 220ish at the wheels. G has about 225ish at the wheels stock. when you factor in weight, cobalt is going to win pretty easy. I just bought a 2005 G35 coupe black on black and my buddy just bought a 2007 cobalt ss. right now it will be a pretty close straight line race, until he gets his stage for the track, i dont know to much about the balts suspension, i know the G has a pretty nice setup though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acoupe
    I've said it before, any car can be made to go really quick [in a straight line].
    He could tune his Cobalt out to do 0-60 in 2 seconds, but it would still be a Cobalt. And that's fine if that's what you want. I don't so I bought the G
    Exactly, except in my case, replace "G" with "S2000."
    I've seen many crappy cars that are extremely fast on the 1/4-mile.

    BTW, if you're going to mess with a car with a forced-induction (FI) engine, be careful. It is extremely easy to make big power with FI engines. In fact, before FI was banned in Formula 1, they had little bitty 1.5 liter engines making ~1500 horsepower, and not just for one run down the dragstrip; that power was available for the whole 1-1/2 hour race!!

    If you really want to redeem yourself, you will need to go FI. <end>Story</end>

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    I worked at a speed shop for years.... EASILY the BEST "bang for your buck" would be NOS! No ifs, and or buts. A 75 WHP kit will run you 800 bucks, installed at a GOOD speed shop should be less than a day, MAKE SURE IT IS A WET system!!!! IT can be upgraded EASILY with a bigger nozzle. Easiest way to explain how system works is this- All "burning" going on inside the engine is air being burned. The Fuel is just the ignitor or accelerant. IE- Fuel/air mixture is done in parts of air to PART of fuel- 14.7 to 1. or also known as stoch'. So the MORE air you can get into cylinder the more power you will get. NOS is Nitrous OXIDE or a compact version of oxygen when the molecules are separated. If you set up car with 75 horses no more stress or damage would happen than if you FI'd more air via s/c. NOW if you bought a DRY system than there is a chance you could hurt motor by running a lean burn since the fuel is what keep detonation from happening. The fuel is what slows the burn down so it is a nice push down on top of piston, instead of a PING or BANG on the top of piston. When done correctly you will have a nozzle that injects the NOS and a separate nozzle that shoots more fresh fuel in at same time as NOS. We did a simple ZEX system on a fresh 350z with 5000 miles on it, and it REALLY woke up a normally sleepy car. Power can be added or taken away with the flick of a switch, especially if you get the remote bottle opener, a bottle fill should only cost 30 bucks. If its 10 lb bottle you could get 20 races out of it at 75 shot or 10 races at 150 horsepower.
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