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Thread: hobby lobby

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    hobby lobby

    every sunday night, like 200 people get together at hobby lobby, buncha 240's mustangs civics ect. and last sunday we emptied out about half the parkinglot n then started drifting, after about 30 minnutes.... well we always have cops come up, but were never doin anything stupid. but this time, they came in blue lights on, and being right in the middle of the drift, i was like OH SH*T n turned off the lights, went flying through the parking lot, along with the other 100 cars hauling ass out of there. there were 4 entrances, and 2 were blocked off by the cops. everyone managed to fly out of there without getting caught. and alot of us went over to sonics accross the street. and then about 10 minnutes later this guy comes over in his mustang talking bout i got a ticket for burning tires, lol, his dumb ass went back and started drifting after everyone bolted out of there. how stupid do you get egh? any of you have anything like this happen?

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