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Thread: Take the new avalons seriously!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by christophersmith0341
    Sorry, we don't have a race track around here. Its just for fun.

    Hold on. Heres the script:

    Driver1: (contending with doppler effect)"hey, lets pull over and use our two navigation systems and find oursekves a track"

    driver 2: O.k.?

    come on, you have never, ever, ever, not once exceeded the speed limit on a public road? You have never, ever, ever, not once gone over 100 on a public road? If you have'nt then God bless you, if you have, and I suspect you have, stop being such a hypocrite and read the post for the entertainment value and maybe the technical aspect of 5 and six speed autos at speed.
    agreed why buy at fast car at all if you arent gonna drive fast? that like dating a hot nun. its all about the environment and why would you take an m45 to a 1/4 mile track? if it was such a grave issue why havent they mandated all cars to be electronically limited to 65 mph?

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    tisk tisk =p MD has race courses, and are often shown on espn racing and speed. i live in this hell hole, got busted outside of a race track racing a honda hatch (lost him at 95-100) and a mid 90's mercedes (lost him around 115)
    the cop let me go, i guess he didnt feel like taking me in. havent raced on the street faster than 80 since haha

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    i don't believe in avalons.

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    Ok guys as amusing this thread is, let me re iterate:

    members who post in the street stories forum to thread hijack and or make disparaging remarks on the street stories, others took the time to write down for everyone risks his membership.

    I am not amused by members getting a disincentive to posting in this sub forum.

    So if you dont agree with street racing dont post here.
    Simple as that

    Repeat performances risk your membership .

    On topic:

    That Avalon was modifed for sure,.. no way it coulda kept up with an M45 otherwise.
    Likely some punk with a NOS kit on daddy's car
    "In the end we all just play the roles given us... Sometimes they dont fit so well,... but I guess we make do."

    Dont forget MultiMedia forums!!

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