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Thread: FJ Cruiser vs RSXs

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    FJ Cruiser vs RSXs

    man, I almost had him with my FJ, lol. up to 40mph we seemed to even out then he started pulling.. His rear was on my front bumper by the time I reached 65mph, when I let go... those things are pretty slow..

    2007 FJ Cruiser
    2004 Silverstone 350z

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    You probably would have had him if only you bought an Xterra! :P
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    Wouldn't waste my time with any FJ Cruiser. If you wanted to rocked ahead into the horizon, the better my chance of retaining my eyesight.
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    whats the 0-60 on an FJ about 9?
    09 M35S - Liquid Platinum

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    hehe, 0-60 is prolly like 30 sec. on the FJ.. dunno, but it's prolly slow. yeah, I'd did it for fun, but I'd never race again on my FJ.. it's a cruise mobile I'm hitting the dirt as soon as the engine's broken in.

    2007 FJ Cruiser
    2004 Silverstone 350z

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    Motor Trend 0 to 60 for the FJ was 7.6 thats about what it felt like
    when I test drove one last year.

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    thats pretty respectable... especially for something that size with a V6
    09 M35S - Liquid Platinum

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    wow, great

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